32 thoughts on “👸 HUGE WIN ➡ Board Sport Bonus ⚔ Greektown On line casino #advert”
  1. Martin Saalfrank says:

    Why does it look like you’re recording it in a different shirt than the reflection on the screen? Idk maybe just me! Good luck in 2021!!!

  2. Terri Palermo says:

    Hi Brian! I’m a new subscriber and I love your videos! I recently moved to Michigan and while I love it here, I’m a little nervous about going to Detroit. My question: do you think it would be “safe” for a situationally aware single older woman to go to GreekTown alone? Thanks!

  3. Vanessa Otero says:

    Yay Brian go save the princess. What an incredible bonus. Love your face expressions.

  4. Engage RC says:

    Definitely a dragons lair vibe there.

  5. jerusha luckett says:

    I appreciate the fact you really explain how the slot plays work. Thank you!

  6. Darrel Murray says:

    Your channel is awesome! It never fails to put a smile on my face. Thank you.

  7. Kathy Schindler says:

    I remember you having a Wonka phone case

  8. arcadian mystic says:

    my ocd really hates you and your ONLY 3 back up spins, i always round it out to the closest 100 because ESPECIALLY when your doing good keep it going

  9. Irene Ybarra says:

    I really enjoyed watching Brian play the Princess and Wonka games! It seems like a lot of fun and is sooo cute!

  10. Evelyn Hamlin says:

    don't know if you've ever been to Firekeepers? about 1 1/2 hour from Greektown on I94. Fabulous Casino. (Chicago is 4 hours from Detroit)

  11. kumatown Miyoshi says:

    STOP!!! Giving away the ending in your TITLE!!!

  12. Royalty Over Loyalty says:

    How long you be at Greektown for

  13. Alvin Williams says:

    Brian, no disrespect because I really enjoy your slot, but can you please remove yourself from the feed, no matter whether it's lower left or right, it covers up part of the screen, and everyone enjoys the screen as well, Thanks AL

  14. Joseph Burt says:

    Love watching ya brian. Would love to meet you someday in vegas

  15. Celia Jolley says:

    Not long enough video. Only 20 minutes.

  16. Naomie G says:

    That game (the princess one) looks fun.

  17. Karen Rearick says:

    Merry Christmas Brian. I have been home with Asthma because of covid 19. Not being able to return to work. I have been watching u to help my days go a little better. I appreciate you. Ty for being here. Home schooling and not being able to work has been so hard. So ty hunny for being here

  18. Christine Champagne says:

    Have you ever played the Wonka machine that the chair moved like a roller coaster? It been a few years.

  19. Margaret Lackey says:

    The OKLAHOMA Panhandle wishes you a beautiful day. Line it up !!!!!

  20. Judy Lynn says:

    I love the Save the Princess. I haven't seen it anywhere else either. Who is the manufacturer? Maybe we can write them letters.

  21. RosesAreRed says:

    When I play the Fury game I never get the bonus on max bet. I play mid range and always walk away with a nice win.

  22. Martha Garriazo says:

    Good morning, from N Richland Hills Tx, Merry Xmas Brian, Britt, Marco and everyone else, good luck Brian

  23. Cody Mcintosh says:

    Have you seen an elf slot game? Like the movie elf?

  24. Bob Joncas says:


  25. Lamesha Roberts says:

    Brian we need some red screens!!!

  26. tommy donaldson says:

    I think I you should do $100 movie or tv show challenge . Choose 5 slots and give out a fake Oscar to the won that bring in the most $$$$$ with $100 limit on each!

  27. walter taffs says:

    Question Brian i m from Plymouth Michigan and wonder when were you in Michigan it seems there was no one in the casino while you were playing

  28. Terrie Milburn says:

    watching you all night…4:33am…couldn't sleep…love you Brian and Britt…Marco too!!

  29. Jesse Seeman says:

    Hi from Bridge City, Texas……Merry Christmas

  30. William Sanders says:

    Good morning from Ft Worth TX. Merry Christmas to all who are watching

  31. Ouzi Pistol says:

    I'm # 6 to watch this video I always trying to be # 1

  32. Eadan Lynch says:

    Love your videos Brian
    Even tho you always upload at 11pm in Australia it’s still worth it haha

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