Humorous rant : playing

Don’t thoughts me however I’ve been within the on line casino for memorial day weekend and have come throughout some humorous and infuriating moments

  1. Went to go play slots and picked a sport that sat subsequent to one another. I pulled up a chair and tried to insert cash in but it surely didn’t go in so I hop to the one beside it. Girl comes beside me and similar factor occurs however she calls attendant. Attendant fixes machine and on the 2nd spin with the identical wager I used to be doing, she wins $2000. I used to be heartbroken.

  2. Man involves roulette desk and buys in for $600. He locations all of it scattered and I say “ITS GONNA BE 17 BLACK” in a joking method. He then strikes his chips round on 17 black and round it and likewise to the 2nd column. It truly freaking hits and he wins about $7,000. He offers me $100 and the vendor $200. All of us freaked the hell out.

  3. After that blackjack expertise, I come again the subsequent day and determine to play 17 black for the hour. I’m telling girl subsequent to me about what occurred yesterday so she begins placing bets on 17 black. It doesn’t hit for awhile and I’m a little bit pissed off so I’m going all in on the 2nd column and increase 17 black. She’s utterly new to the on line casino however she simply gained $350. She’s stunned and I’m like wow the ONLY time I don’t do it ugh. So I begin betting on it once more and after 2-Three spins, I get some braveness to all in on the 2nd column and I don’t place it on 17 black. BOOM IT FREAKING HITS AGAIN. This time the identical woman gained $2,000.

This was such an eventful journey. I’ve by no means had this a lot enjoyable earlier than at a on line casino and I’m by no means going to not wager 17 black ever once more haha.

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