9 thoughts on “I BROKE THE SLOT and bought UNLIMITED SPINS!!!”
  1. Matthew Blackburn says:

    Do you get paid to spoil it with the title,s listen to us the viewers. Stop spoiling the vids

  2. Gemma Roberts says:

    Hey, just to let you know, there is no king kong cash megaways, it's return of kong megaways. Great video, by the way.

  3. Reece Kyriacou says:

    Decent video Jord, result could have been better but got something back. It had to be you that broke a game. I wouldn’t trust whatever site you are on because most sites will just say it is void even if winnings were hundreds

  4. Bill Ted says:

    Hardly ‘unlimited’ spins.. it gave the same amount of spins each time and then came up with an error…

  5. Herbert says:

    16 minutes – unlimited spins? Go on then, Jord, I'm just about daft enough …

  6. John Paul says:

    Wish i had a £1 for everytime i hear DECENT HA

  7. Ere HeIs says:

    Had exactly the same error at the end of last year, won £50 on first bonus then pennies on the next one, and it stuck like yours. Got sent to BTG, came back with 'no winnings due'. I received 20p stake back! The game was stuck for nearly 2 months. Joke of a company!

  8. Padgestic says:

    If the bonus isn't going well on donuts you can disconnect your computer and restart the bonus lol

  9. Gary Mc says:

    A glitch in the matrix

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