22 thoughts on “I Crush Highest Stakes I've Ever Performed!! Risking It All In 10/20/40 NL! Poker Vlog Ep 153”
  1. Jens Ackou says:

    That guy at 5:20 was pissed.
    I would've been too if I was him hha

  2. Max Scion says:

    Stevewilldoits intro track for when you cashout! I back it!

  3. marby602 says:

    "Accidentally put in a straddle"….. Never heard that before. Nice session !

  4. Alex Lloyd says:

    Mojojo aunt carrot jerk mam skinny icthu flsuh

  5. Bill S says:

    Great vid, as usual. Would love for you to name some names. “Best players on the planet”…like who? Most of us are not part of the Vegas poker scene. Do we know these guys? Sitting down with the likes of the Poker Go crew must be terrifying. International superstars and household names. Is that the level of player you’d be going against?

  6. Kyle Wheeler says:

    I always knew it: Brad > Andrew

  7. CloudBurst says:

    Man that plaid floors is gross

  8. Israel Beltran says:


  9. Wayne Thomas says:

    You made $2120 and you tip $5 wtf?

  10. daniel barreto says:


  11. NBAHoopsHD says:

    Lol the @stevewilldoit music

  12. Babayega says:

    It's crazy to me how even someone with this much experience and poise still can get the shakes with a big win/loss. You would think that people on this level could easily control their emotions considering they play poker for a living and they're used to hiding their feelings.

  13. Phillip Frech says:

    A wise man once said , “you don’t get rich , playing poker like a bisshhh” . I would like to see more cajones Bradley .

  14. Santiago Camacho says:

    Great stuff!! Keep it up man!!!

  15. gob the glob says:

    i really felt that brad was about to go home but after seeing the fan he got a bit calmed and wanted to play more

  16. Bryant Halsey says:

    Probably my favorite vlog ever. Cool to see your excitement. Well done!!

  17. Gordon Bradbury says:

    good to see you running well

  18. Quinn Besser says:

    Brad uses the same music as Steve will do it… what a legend

  19. mathens22 says:

    I feel like you should keep the one dollar chips, sign them and sell them online as Bradley dollars

  20. John Simmons says:

    When you’re on a roll like that, you just have the house stake you and take them pros down.

  21. Ryan Smith says:

    Give yourself more credit! You definitely play well enough to play in that big game and are better than most if not all 7 at that table!

  22. martin edwards says:

    peter = stalker

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