30 thoughts on “I Discovered BOTH BONUS UPGRADES! Reel Riches Slot Bonuses and Extra At Prairie Meadows On line casino!”
  1. laura ann armitage says:

    You never disappoint!!! Love watching you!!!

  2. Tahoma says:

    Cleo Gold is the only place where a Sand Storm means epic times!! I once got all three heads, and two storms in a single bonus. I thanked her and ran!

  3. Laretta Brown says:

    Back to back smoking crack

  4. Bette Wilcox says:

    You has the luck of the Irish I wish I had that luck too I wish I knew what you stepped in so I could win as much as you on a very last spin

  5. Shane Jenson says:

    Youve become a screen tapper…dude don't be that guy.

  6. Slot Stoner says:

    $420 yeaaaa

  7. Jamie The Krazy Kuntreee Scratcher Guy says:

    You do better than I do on the fucking apps smh, the only trip to the casino, dubble fucked me

  8. Jsupreme619 says:

    Do it awwwgain

  9. Kosal Hen says:

    Hi dear best channel love your video.

  10. Tyron Megawatts says:

    Five of a kind, what is that you say? Never heard of it.


    Hey! Love all the videos! I’m a new YouTube starting a new channel any advice? Thank you for the content!

  12. Slot Stoner says:

    Crop dusted the elevator for that old guy LOL

  13. Scott Remillard says:

    If I had half the luck you have I'd still be a slore

  14. JT3DBEAD WORKS says:

    Love the vids! Would love to have all the money you've spent on them useless wonder 4 machines in your essential gambling career!

  15. TRICIA COTTLE says:

    Daddy elevator fuel

  16. Carol Johnson says:

    You make me laugh I can’t tell you how much it helps

  17. Melba Wells says:

    Skills Bitsh Felicia

  18. robert dorsch says:

    You sound ridiculous you swear too much can't stand it

  19. Hollie Kuber says:

    Awesome job kitty

  20. Mister Weirdman says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It stinks !!!! Huff & Puff Farts

  21. Jumping Jack says:

    Ryan Depaulo gave you and EZ a shout-out in his latest vid

  22. Jesse bremner says:

    Real fart?

  23. Randall Wood says:

    Watching CNN

  24. Terrific Ted says:

    Was it me or did that fart sound really wet and queefy?

  25. Happy Fun Casino time says:

    Another word for sandstorm is Haboobi! So much more fun to yell out than sandstorm!!

  26. Matt Bailey Plays the Slots! says:

    The Major on that Spinning Fortunes was SO HIGH! Would have loved to see you knock that baby down to size!

  27. jerry vasak says:

    sd guy. why dont you take a trip to resorts casino in queens n.y . located in aqueduct racetrack.there is a gourmet restaraunt half a mile away . it is famous. i think you have heard of it. it is called white castle.

  28. Marie Birkin says:

    That was so much fun❤️❤️

  29. Kj says:

    Cleo was kind

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