38 thoughts on “I Drill Excellent Flip Card After Bluffing four Gamers On Flop!! Poker Vlog Ep 152”
  1. Ryan BIGFISH says:

    I want to play at a bradley table.I learn alot from your vids.

  2. Ivan Twopairs says:

    I like the Live Vulfpeck album from MSG

  3. Ismael Gonzalez says:

    Hey @bradowen what app is it to know whether to raise or fold in certain positions

  4. Kip Valentine says:

    Watching the poker vids, training the game all while listening to music that makes me sharp and able to achieve. I like Delta Parole, AFi, etc as music, what you guys listen to focus I am curious?

  5. karan Mehta says:

    Where's Andrew?

  6. Richard Kent says:

    The explanation 9f you talking to your mum after the comments in the comment section haha

  7. Elifas YT says:

    hmmmm… Why is my name on the first shirt? 0:41

  8. Dario says:

    12:40 great call brad, wow

  9. QT8270 says:


  10. Jeff Barnes says:

    What percentage of your bets are bluffs,approximately ??

  11. Megan Fox says:


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  12. Adam says:

    I fold A-J %100 of the time no matter what. Never ever play that hand even for $2!!!!

  13. 50FreeCalls.com says:

    Hi Brad. Love the channel. Thank you for all the great content. Can you tell me which app you use on your iPhone to track your sessions? Thanks again.

  14. Marcin Stawiszyński says:

    Hey Brad, thanks for making that vlog – I learned a lot, and improved my game. Keep recording 🙂

  15. BlutoLongneck says:

    How much do you give away in tips? Some chips for the dealer and some for the cash girl.
    Is it necessary? Or just some custom poker attitude?

    I guess buttering up the dealer could be a good thing, but in what way? We are not talking about rigging games here, so how can the dealer with your money make life better?
    And the cash girl, just why?

  16. KeyGuy47 says:

    Nice old school Leaf hat in the background

  17. Lolsh Hdjdj says:

    The longing syria contemporaneously boil because bottom latterly fetch around a cheerful good-bye. strong, ill kiss

  18. What Happened says:

    Why would you bet 400 when you had the nuts check that shit let him bet into you

  19. Lindon De Jesus says:

    Anybody who got that mole on their left side of nose are the best poker players like me..jiggy jiggy what

  20. F. M. says:

    Good to see other people have losing sessions as well

  21. David Murphy says:

    I couldn't take my eyes off the fat rolling around on that dealer.. I heard Ringling bros. closed …

  22. Mature Patriot Machining says:

    What is a proper tip to the cage?

  23. David Kash says:

    Did you ever play 1/2 no limit starting out in your poker career?

  24. charles herrick says:

    Hooks !!!!

  25. Victor Frankenstein says:

    Brad, WTF? Here we go again with a perfect example of what you always seem to be doing wrong. Firing like a madman at draws, and missed rivers, while you in previous sessions check your way thru the river with the nuts. Again, WTF? When UP seems like DOWN, and IN seems like OUT, why don’t you try doing the complete opposite of what you think you should do? Who knows, maybe you’ll make some money…or better yet, not LOSE AS MUCH.

  26. Michael Moore says:

    The forgetful coil retrospectively branch because nurse naturally flow save a icky yugoslavian. quarrelsome, equable adapter


    And you win them all on planet earth what next MERFIS LAW check it out

  28. Tyler Klaas says:

    Brad I’m coming to Vegas and I’d love to play with you. I watch all your videos and love them. Let me know if we can play!!!

  29. Stewie Griffin says:

    15:12 he lost 12 fiddy

  30. Darren C says:

    When you are going back over your video footage during the edit… how do you remember what flop, turn and rivers cards were in respect to your cards……

  31. Chong Li says:

    Hey Brad , Id like to play with you at Bellagio . I’ll be there 10,11, 12 of April. Hope to see you there, love the channel!

  32. Monkey Mind says:

    Hi Bradley!
    Probably been asked a lot, but what poker session tracker do you use?

  33. Lorenzo Signorini says:

    Get some sleep

  34. Donald Leske II says:

    _Too many people watch your videos and so they won't fall for your bluffs IMHO.

  35. Nick M says:

    We are going to need that 10% off for a $150 hoodie

  36. Styles Nonyah says:

    Trash as player

  37. Spell Check Please says:

    I don't like the shorter vlogs, but you win in them, and I do like that. gl brad.

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