I drill PERFECT flip & get EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! | Poker Vlog 112 (NEW GRAPHICS!!!!!)

48 thoughts on “I drill PERFECT flip & get EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! | Poker Vlog 112 (NEW GRAPHICS!!!!!)”
  1. Doug Downing says:

    Ben I love the Vlog's!! I just watched a dozen of them have subscribed. Keep up the great work.

  2. Will O says:

    Comment in the comments

  3. gerald brasile says:

    Not gonna lie Ben, I originally thought you had the most annoying voice and just watched because I love poker content, but you have grown on me like an my acquired taste for broccoli rabe and sushi. Love your videos now and actually get excited when I see a new one pop up in my feed!!

  4. Andrew Harris says:

    Let me start with I'm a big fan and you have some of the best analysis/delivery I've seen among all the poker vlogs. With that said, I bursted out laughing when you showed the graphics, they are terrible. But I will explain why I feel so in addition to the obvious complaint of the cards/font being too small. One other big thing is the color contrast of the cards vs background… white on another light color makes it uneasy on the eye (I'm a radiologist so we're especially sensitive about this). It is always much easier for the eye to discern the white object (card) from a dark background, it makes it 'pop'/stand-out more. Just a suggestion, again, big fan, you make very good content and I appreciate it.

  5. 380_pound_black_woman's_stool_sample says:

    Not enough flopped sets to justify playing those low pairs.

  6. Mike Hoddevik says:

    I actually like the old graphics better. These cards on bottom are too small to see easily

  7. Chad Cripe says:

    I would target anyone putting ice cubes in beer on general principle.

  8. Aye CarambaPoker says:

    Ice cubes in beer?

    When I come to power that’s going to be a punishable offence

  9. amazingabby25 says:

    Hey Ben, I’m at the peppermill, just got here today. I was really surprised when I realized that All NL games are just 1 blind now. Do you know why they made that choice? It doesn’t seem to have effected the game too much, which is surprising because generally the more blinds the better

  10. John Kim says:

    You fold a set of fives?
    I don't get it. She might hit a two pair like 9, 10

  11. ronny k says:

    Ben, you're an interesting character, but I like your stories! And a good poker player.

  12. D M says:

    I love the effects Ben, but most of us if not all of us watch the videos on our, please increase the size of all tye cards bud, thanks for the content

  13. Davis Kersey says:

    Graphics are sharp but too small.

  14. charles herrick says:

    The reverb is working well in the studio.

  15. Junyu Zhang says:

    Card graphics r too small

  16. dkhoh11873 says:

    I live your vlogs. But your new graphics makes it difficult to see the board and your hand. Makes me not want to watch due to difficulty. Hard to follow the hand. Hope you make the cards bigger and the table footage smaller.

  17. Unboxing101 says:

    Like the old graphics

  18. Mark Stevens says:

    Thanks Ben. Best vlog voice going.

  19. NoVa Poker Player says:

    Yes, ice cubes in beer is odd to say the least!

  20. hellerrocks says:

    Wow. You need a magnifying glass to see those graphics

  21. Hunt4fun96 says:

    Ice in the beer is really odd

  22. Ankle Bracelet says:

    Graphics, way too small.

  23. Henry Dean says:

    That’s weird

  24. Diesel says:

    Do you think you would've had the overall win on this day if you would've stayed at the Atlantis?
    Why not stay & grind, seemed like the Atlantis players weren't that good. Or is it about running bad and finding a place where you can run better?

  25. ostreds says:

    Ice cubes in the beer is like putting ketchup on a hotdog

  26. Doug Middleton says:

    WTF, folded boat

  27. Brian Hanrahan says:

    Maybe you could also add your position on the graphics and maybe your stack size if you have the room.

  28. Ronoldo W. says:

    Agree with some others, graphics a little small, but good content otherwise.

  29. Bob Smith says:

    AA x4

  30. Bob Smith says:

    Please—- Make the card graphics bigger. When watching on my phone they r way too small.

  31. Bob Smith says:

    Who would down vote a Ben D vlog? Craziness

  32. Joan Fisher says:

    Ben, I don't mean to get personal and I do like how you show your wins/losses, but if you and your wife are due for an impending divorce, it may be best not to show your wins. Other than that, I do appreciate your vlogs.

  33. Cory Kellen says:

    I think u need to stop playing every time I watch your blog I see you just get bad b after bad beat after bad beat some pretty weird plane techniques I think you should play more as a person not a calculator and you need to tighten up because all I see is you losing every single day

  34. Matthew Gary says:

    I hate the bet sizing on the river with a set of 5's. Why so small? Actually, I hate the turn sizing as well.

  35. James Carver says:

    like your videos, the new graphics on the bottom is too small hard to read while watching tv.

  36. Ed M says:

    Graphics too small

  37. MattyYoungcloudsArt says:

    I watch on my phone and these graphics are really small compared to before. Perhaps they could get a font size upgrade?

  38. Breakup GoogleNow says:

    Lots of people jamming.
    >Feast or Famine<

  39. Dan Duncan says:

    Everything great as usual. Coming to hot August nights, hope to see you

  40. Vito C says:

    Given the background on the lady 'pro', I tend to agree with your set fold.

  41. Joshua Zerbe says:

    Sorry man but 555 is not a fold there

  42. Martin Köpberg says:

    Love your content Ben! Very obvious you are crushing these games long term!

  43. kwstas akri says:

    It seemed to be pocket JJ OR QQ,thats my guess,i would call with the set,if she had it,good for her

  44. Hornet Guy says:

    Really liked minraise against OMC trying the small turn donk to set his price. Minraise to slightly more is probably perfect to punish that play because they’ll also fold just often enough to make it a nice and cheap opportunity to bluff with a draw

  45. Patrick Schultz says:

    Your graphics are to small I prefer your old ones personal opinion.

  46. jethrodull says:

    Graphics too small

  47. evamiaozkan says:

    Hey ben love your channel but sorry to say the new graphics are good if your eyesight is of a four year old meaning they are super tiny to see. Sorry about brutal honesty

  48. Jon Davies says:

    Ice in beer is just wrong!!! So is the feeling you get when you have to fold a set of 5’s to a check jam on the river!! I think that was a good fold by the way!!

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