33 thoughts on “I GAMBLED IT ALL?! Resorts World Manila On line casino REACTION!”
  1. Christian Jey Callo says:


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  2. Eva Dedoyco says:

    I subbed. Wonderful tour with you.

  3. joe pharm says:

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  4. Steven Renz Cornelio says:

    Shut up you're fucking cheater

  5. Rommel Bailon says:

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  6. Maylene says:

    1000 pesos is literally $20 usd.

  7. the sports betting hub ganesh hub says:

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  8. Susan Nonato says:

    It’s ten years

  9. 90 99 says:

    try okada, solaire and city of dreams in manila

  10. Evangeline Gonzales says:

    I like yiur blogs. Im from the Philippines but never seen those. They will be in my itinerary when i go on vacation. A lot of places ive never seen. Thanks for sharing

  11. Evangeline Gonzales says:

    Dont go there.

  12. L A says:

    your positivity, I like it.

  13. ALL4SCUBA05 says:

    On my next trip to The Philippines I plan on playing at one of Manila’s Casino. Does anyone know which Casino has a Craps table? And what the minimum bet is? Is it with Pesos only?

  14. Jerome Sarvida says:

    I'm wondering if Kell is single. Hahahaha

  15. Elrey L. Navarro MD says:

    hahahaa Ph 20.00 what can you buy it ?Get grab a Cornetto ice cream hahaha

  16. mhagnuxs123 bautista says:


  17. mhagnuxs123 bautista says:


  18. Just Saying says:

    and another one… trying to milk the philippines. gtfoutta here Fcking Kell. back home your nothing. go do ur dogshit lifestyle there

  19. Romeo Hernandez says:

    City of dreams casino is much more better.

  20. Rachel Ann Yambot says:

    Play baccarat instead of machine

  21. The Game Stampede says:

    I like when you sit on the stares!

  22. Manny Gomez says:

    Cool chill base.. lol

  23. Marcky Bassi says:

    U look like tom cruise.

  24. Mind Power Hub says:

    Oh man thanks for visiting there :')! Remembering the good old days, me as a field worker back in 2015, I met a very kind beauty beautiful young lady client there which was happened to be a manager. I still remember how she treated me in her lovely chinese restaurant. After I discussed my offer for a news paper subscription for their restaurant, she even offered me a chinese expensive meal with a cup of awesome ice cold bizarre tasting tea and while I was eating, she was talking to me like a bestfriend and not a just a random stranger. Man! The awkward moment was when I asked her "Do you already have a husband?" and adding "…who always driving you home after your duty?" She smiled to me like a bit of smirk with a silent laugh hehe. She told me that she was single for 4 years and she had no plan to even try again. Damn! She was very kind, sweet and hospitable! After that stunning and very heart warming day, whenever my boss asks for us to "who will be the one to monitor our products and clients in Resorts World Manila", I always immediately raise my hand to volunteer! Cuz I really wanna to see and visit that lovely young manager. Until the day when she was no longer there or maybe she was re-assigned to other branch of their restaurant! It was a very sad day for me cuz I didn't manage to get her facebook account or number. I felt so damn weak man! Such a loser that time. She was gone. 🙁 . I will never forget her smiles and sometimes offering me a cold drinks cuz she know my job as a field worker is a very tiry job! I will never forget that sweet opportunity for me to have a very rare kind of woman and perhaps, a supposed to be dream come true for every man like me. She is a rare kind of woman. Loving, caring and very easy woman!

    "Sometimes there are people that you thought would be the final one to be the part of your life until the end. But instead, just a bittersweet chapter of your life leaving you a lesson." :'( Sorry for the least good grammar input 😀 Thanks again Kell!

  25. Andry Garrido says:

    Nobody wins in casino. They always win.

  26. Loretta Falcutila says:

    I enjoy .hihi you are cute & funny..love you kell

  27. Dante Ordesta says:

    just stay on your comfy corner bro…haha.

  28. Shawn J. Yap says:

    8:20 BOOM!

  29. Master Jarvis says:


  30. Master Jarvis says:


  31. gonzalo austria says:

    You can still get a Rolex, just a fake one.

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