22 thoughts on “I GOT THE WHEEL BONUS! Loopy Wealthy Asians Slot Machine!”
  1. Mancanproud says:

    Looking good Sarah..hope everything ok..when you come to the Uk for that coffee should seriously think about getting a role in a period drama..you look gorgeous with your hair up..distinction and nobility to go with your large intelligence …keep safe and well and take care.xx

  2. Zimier Looti says:

    The bangs are banging

  3. George Matsumoto says:

    You miss us, lol

  4. Blazing Hardware says:

    A nice little top-off…
    Keep ‘m coming SL!

  5. Rudy Meunier says:

    Slt bonne chance Sarah

  6. Daniel Bye says:

    Awesome! I wish I had luck like you! I just like donating my money to the casino, seems like the right thing to do. lol 🙂

  7. Jared Carrick says:

    In today’s PC world of cancel culture, how did they ever allow a slot machine to have this name?

  8. Joseph Lambert says:

    Hmm the air border between Canada and America was never closed. So technically the border is open at half of its capacity with ¾ of it for air passengers and the remaining ¼ of it for land travel but only by essential workers.

  9. Meji _89 says:

    Your always look simple and beautiful

  10. PHOTO SUGI says:

    If Sarah's smile lines up, she will enter the jackpot. I wish I had a game like that!

  11. Kurt Lorenzen says:

    Short but sweet… Can I talk real with you. Maybe this type of short content is the way to go, like, less content, more bank balance. I actually agree… Why wouldn't you, I'd still tune in. Actually, I'm down with the shorter content. Rock on, I'll still watch

  12. Paul Ortiz says:

    Great video Sarah and who remembers the Memoirs of a Geisha machine

  13. Seventizz says:

    The right time to leave a slot. I’ve yet to see a bigger hit on this feature rich, but low pay out slot.

  14. tony mazziotti says:

    Wow.i only get 3 minutes to adore you?I'm hurt….lol

  15. Adam Ludensky says:

    How to do it. Rake your money and run.

  16. Darrell Irwin says:

    Nice final win

  17. Kent Harris says:

    Glad your doing well Sarah!

  18. Dave Kimmet says:

    Great win Sarah,, love it, Dave

  19. Richard Hernandez says:

    Nice win

  20. Matthew G says:

    Interesting game! Be safe!

  21. Alfredo Lopez says:

    So nice but they need to pay u more!!!!

  22. Mizuki x says:

    🙂 I like those short bonus hits…nice win 🙂 🙂 🙂

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