19 thoughts on “I Have Royal Flush Draw, Wild Opponent Jams!!! Poker Vlog Ep 151”
  1. Anthoney King says:

    Great Vlog mate enjoyed it Keep up the great Work thank you stay safe

  2. Austin Kiley says:


  3. Brad Burnes says:

    Come teach us marin boys how to play some poker

  4. Kyle Spratt says:

    I'll hit that like button when Brad gets a good microphone

  5. Mark DeLaZerda says:

    Brad we love you man Your videos are the nuts all day!

    Hopefully they are using a promo code for the coaching site so they can guage just how much you are helping them out.

    Keep up the great work man!


    10:30 this beat slaps

  7. ForgotByTheSystem says:

    Brad you buy a share of GME and hold.


    I hope he publishes a 5/10 on may 10th

  9. xbgt85 says:

    He's got Jokes haha great video.

  10. Nash Macdonald says:

    liked as soon as i heard the top two pair song

  11. Stephen Siler says:

    What. The. Hell. ???!!! 7:48

  12. Cody Schons says:

    Brad when you start doing meet up games again please do one in Minnesota!

  13. Shaun Joey says:

    I enjoy your Vlogs. Please let us know when you'll be in LA. We'd like to come see you. Thanks.

  14. Kyle H. says:

    Those paper 7's had me dying. Take my like.

  15. dave k says:

    Hey Brad big fan. Just won a tourney at Canterbury park. What tip do you or your viewers leave when you finish first in a tournament.

  16. justsomeguy says:

    Commentary is never better when it's sang.

  17. CAF TECH says:

    Mexican Tele or American Standard Fender?

  18. Kneck Beard says:

    Come play in Cleveland in April with Mariano!! I'll buy you dinner

  19. Finn Simmons says:

    Brad is my favorite cuz even tho he is a pro poker player, he has to draw his cards. Do you not have a deck of cards Brad?

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