19 thoughts on “I LOVE MADONNA / I HATE MADONNA ** IS MOM A GENIUS?? — New Slot Machine Bonus Win”
  1. Gloria Byers says:

    Mom is Awesome!! MaDonna, not so much. LOL

  2. Gimmie Games says:

    +VegasLowRoller – Thanks for playing and sharing our new Madonna slot game 🙂

  3. Cozette Fabian says:

    Didn't like this game at all!

  4. bayvillagebug says:

    Stingy game

  5. Adeline Tai says:

    Halo can't you just see the reel and less making sound

  6. Kevin Curry says:

    It's okay to hate this game… shady stuff going on in this one.

  7. T.O slots says:

    Thanks for the video but for the game I think it was horrible one of the worst slot machine games out there

  8. Sharon says:

    I can't stand Madonna either. Mama was doing just fine. Even leaving up a dollar is a win in my book.

  9. Francis Nguyen says:

    Awesome Free Games With Multipler Wins.

  10. Casanova Egoista says:

    I play that exact machine at the cosmopolitan and the bonus are shitty.

  11. Leo Ss says:

    Your Mom is a Secret Casino Agent.

  12. Patrick Burnell says:

    Your mom is still a genius hot momma. Love the video as always. And yes I hate Madonna too.

  13. paul johnson says:

    Mom's is still

  14. Evie Rosenberg says:

    Why did you stop picking on your mom tonight

  15. slim pickens says:

    hate madonna

  16. M M says:

    Momma knows best. Lol

  17. clarityjane31 says:


  18. Slots NJ says:


  19. Debra Fowler says:

    Looks like Madonna screwed you out of some money, literally! Say hi to mom VLR for me.

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