21 thoughts on “I Play a $3000 Pot with a Questionable Hand on the Bellagio! Poker Vlog Clip.”
  1. Joe Lewertow says:

    Standard. Vulnerable holding. That's why you asked. Three words saved you 1500

  2. 1337nukem says:

    just spent 2 minutes of my life watching this guy chop a pot. 😛

  3. QT8270 says:


  4. Ian Marderness says:

    “He went in with top pair. Bring us one more Patrick!”

  5. Matt Vaughan says:

    You might be the only person who I'd tune into watch a "one hand vlog." Well done sir.

  6. brodudemanbro says:

    I like the music

  7. Silverlicious says:

    Spicy indeed.. Ha. good to see you chopped at least. Have a good week!

  8. truthsmiles says:

    Nice vid for the purists 🙂

  9. David Leach says:

    lol… my 87 hand from last night… 87 diamonds in late position so I raise. BB calls. Flop 884. BB shoves all in (for more then I had). I call. He has A9. … turn is A, river is an A… poker is so much fun 😉

  10. Joon Lee says:

    Fk yeah

  11. Tom Hughes says:

    These shorts covering a unique hand are awesome! You’re on to something for sure. Full vlogs are nice but these quick hitters are the bomb! Glad you ran it twice.

  12. Joe Lazar says:

    I didn’t know you were quite such the gambler. I like it!

  13. Jim Wahout says:

    Love these little quick clips

  14. Jose Sanchez says:


  15. Britt Doughtie says:

    Spice is nice.

  16. Tay Lor says:

    these clips are perfect!

  17. fullupper says:

    Too much spiciness will can make for an uncomfortable bowel movement , so be careful there youngan , 🙂

  18. Lee Jones says:

    Tight, well-produced content. Good intro, banger of a hand, clean outro, it's a wrap. Well played sir.

  19. Gregory Maggiore says:

    Very spicy. I enjoy these hand revisits.

  20. Travis Clark says:

    Good to see you back Andrew… made a $700 profit yesterday in a 9 hour 1/3 session… while watching your vlogs for inspiration. 🙂 🙂

  21. Jujido1 says:

    You rock Andrew! Keep up the content please!

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