35 thoughts on “I Purchased a $30,000 Fruit Social gathering Bonus Purchase!”
  1. Peter Bottella II says:

    Love the content foss, sending good vibes bruv

  2. cooper anderson says:

    gotta stop with fruit party

  3. Trond Eriksen says:

    I don't get it. How can you just drop 30 K in 6 min? How do you have so much money to lose? Would have changed my life completely having 30K. Insane.

  4. KingThings says:

    Stake is in full collect mode on bonus buys. I bought 10 on sweet bonanza this week and not one profited ☠️

  5. Stevie Hutch says:

    I actually feel physically sick watching someone else lose 30k in literally 4 mins. That was in no way entertaining !!

  6. Tobias Nyström says:

    Whats the intro song called ?

  7. Gökhan Gök says:

    Hello bro, good luck. I've been watching your videos for a long time and lost a lot in these games. I am married, I have 2 children, I am in a very difficult situation. Can you help me 10 thousand dollars? You will save my life. Please help me. I need this.

  8. Julieann Lee says:

    love ya videos boy and ya high stakes. keep them coming

  9. Freeisbetter86 says:

    Fucking Tragic 🙂

  10. Toni D says:

    Wow, how fast 30k can be gone. This was a nice car 😉

  11. Relevant says:

    Fruit party is garbage

  12. Holy Wolf says:

    Whats Ur Intro Song Buddy

  13. Peadar O Boyle says:

    That's brutal man. 25k gone in 6 mins

  14. maroe rafiek says:

    If this dude wasn’t talking down everyone else’s winnings karma would not come to get u

  15. messiii leo says:

    Rip game

  16. Taylan Erturk says:

    So need to ban this shit

  17. Griffin seeker says:

    Thats bad foss

  18. Чемодан 1991 says:

    No fruit party … shit game

  19. Luc says:

    Fruit party just isn't it at the moment, changing it up may help.

  20. Jakub Bereza says:

    foss when you lost all your money ????

  21. Vaskinton says:

    Love the content! Keep it up Foss!

  22. Tushiglen Duurenjargal says:

    ooo man 50K, that was F…. painful

  23. fanny adams says:

    Mr foss I'm not a boy and I watch u so u need to say ok boy's and gal's . Mmmk

  24. LOOI JUN BIN - says:

    I feel so sad I don't want to skip your channel ads

  25. seasidegalaxystreet says:

    Stevewilldoit makes this a normal occurrence.

  26. Smiles J says:

    Better off trying the Xposed technique (roobet youtuber) on Mines. He uses what he has left to do some high risk mines with a 5K bet. It's insane and worth watching to see what I mean.

  27. WeAreQuestionDutch says:

    That's a loss of $ 100,- per second.

  28. Grekku Marius says:

    ✌️✌️✌️ you will hit it next time

  29. Dan C says:

    This slot… My God. It just never seems to pay

  30. Pablo says:

    Stop playin this stiupid slot

  31. olliedakota says:

    What is the intro song?

  32. Lincoln Gillotti says:

    That was so MESSED UP

  33. J&X Unlimited says:


  34. Andres Felipe Gaviria Cataño says:

    Woo 30k to trash not cool bro, anyway good luck at the next one!

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