20 thoughts on “I Put $100 in a Slot at New York New York in Las Vegas 🤩 Right here's What Occurred!”
  1. Travel Ruby says:

    We had so much fun playing the slots this trip!
    Who is going to Vegas soon?

  2. Max Kelter says:

    Thats a good idea though. Quit the machine when you gain 50% of your initial deposit. You were on a roll. Tnx for sharing.

  3. John Otto says:

    You sounded so excited playing these slots, kind has me thinking I should try some slots on my trip next month if you can have that much fun playing them!

  4. Crowned Virgo says:

    I love playing the slot machines. But, you just showed me some new machines to try

  5. Sharon Ferrera says:

    Omg I play on that same machine last month. Lol my Grandaughter name

  6. mrregal 56 says:

    And he knows how to count to five with that annoying voice screwed up that video

  7. Emeraldcity. Slots says:

    Love that you were bonusing so well at new york new york. We stayed last week, and it was a bust for us, still had a great time in Vegas

  8. James Strickland says:

    love the intro travel ruby

  9. No B.S. Eateries says:

    Awesome job. Love seeing winning! -S

  10. J OH! says:

    Ive chased so many bonuses on that stupid piggy game! I'm over it! lol… not a good look for piggy bankin'!

  11. Ryan says:

    So from my observation, when you play dragon link the small bets seem to get more frequent free game features, but you're unlikely to win much for that bet size – besides the occasional 100x. As you move up to bigger bets the come less frequent but can pay off huge, but they still pay huge or nothing relative to your bet size. These games aren't worth really playing if you're betting less than $5 in my experience – same can be said for lock it link games.

  12. Roy Goodhand says:

    2:40 Setting the tone for the rest of the video with a healthy bonus on the first spin!

  13. randoff32 says:

    A Native American man walks into a hotel in Las Vegas.

    The receptionist asks, "Do you have a reservation?"

  14. randoff32 says:

    Sin city we all know is Las Vegas, but do you know what Den city is?

    Mass over volume. (Get it??)

  15. Warren Hague says:

    Going to NY NY in October for Halloween weekend – thanks for the preview!

  16. Shelly Wellman says:

    Love your channel & I'm learning alot! Be safe & win big!!!

  17. RHPG SC says:

    That may have been the best ending ever. "Bleep it" we lost money, good night, gotta go.

  18. Branriv says:

    You didn’t “lose” anything. You know exactly where you “spent” it (hopefully) having fun lol.

  19. YC Lindsay says:

    I’ve always heard the TV/Movie slots never pay as well because since they have to pay a royalty to use the rights it doesn’t pay out as much have you ever found that?

  20. Alan Carfagno says:

    Just want to say I think you're awesome!!!

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