40 thoughts on “I Put $100 in a Slot on the ARIA Resort – Right here's What Occurred! 🤩 Las Vegas 2021”
  1. Travel Ruby says:

    What is your favorite slot to play right now?!
    Make a new comment and let us know!

  2. Flix Productions says:

    I find it funny that these people always win. You can’t film in casinos so I’m convinced when the casinos allow it, it’s rigged. Casino tells them a machine that will hit because they know all that data and place them on it.

  3. Sally Maccarone says:

    I hit stop on the eagles cascading down.

  4. NDN Dave says:

    Nice hit

  5. Evangeline Bedal says:

    Once u win, you take the money and run..

  6. james burgos says:

    What a great session!

  7. Mary Jill Bringgold says:

    I love Aria!

  8. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Cool vid, Awesome wins.

  9. Lexi Outdoor Adventures says:


  10. Bankhead 1 says:


  11. Shane rowe says:

    By the way, those were not FREE spins during the feature on Star Trek, y’all were payin for each spin

  12. Rekay Williams says:

    Lighting link games

  13. Lara O'neal says:

    How much did she win?

  14. Veronica Miller says:

    Gee I hope I win I'm going there in like 6 days and I would really love a hand pay because that will pay for some of the things for my wedding coming up wish me luck I'll need it

  15. Tony Clark says:

    New subscriber here love your video's i like huff and puff and big bang theory

  16. Mary Anne De Guzman says:


  17. Paul Buckler says:

    Cash out

  18. WishfulThinking Bonnie says:

    Nice !!

  19. Bettor-Off by the Keno King says:

    What a great hit! And I like how you hit and run!

  20. Ida Villegas says:

    Buffalo slots at least they are fun to watch

  21. Rich L says:

    12:27 I thought you guys were cool until you called Geordi Laforge cyclopes. Geordi wears special glasses to see infrared b/c he's blind, FYI. 🙂

  22. MIN KONG says:

    How much did she win on the first slot?

  23. MyFriendDeAnna Hay says:

    Girl – we were tickled to see the win on the first one!!!

  24. Happy Go lucky says:

    So you didn’t really put $100 in a machine did you

  25. Erin Johnson says:

    We’re going May 10-14, so I cannot wait to see what other videos you put out before then of your latest trip!! Thank you for doing these!!

  26. Gary Rifkin says:

    That was fun. Living vicariously through you!

  27. Petelo Sanerivi says:

    What an awesome session! That LOTR feature could’ve been huge if those rings would’ve popped.

  28. Cheryl Clark says:

    Just FYI, in the aria, the next generation game, when you get the alien craft spins where you want the enterprise to shoot them to get higher amounts, those spins aren't free, its just a bump up the wins bonus

  29. Waukesha Pilot says:

    I (and I'm Sure You) like the first machine best!

  30. Doug Walker says:

    The red alert are not free spins. The money was going down

  31. Brent Davis says:

    You guys are a terrible influence! I've never been interested in playing slots until I found this channel. I'm definitely going to sit down at a few machines when I go to Vegas next month. Thanks for another great video!

  32. Alice Ts says:

    I’m staying at the Vdara on Monday. First time to Vegas and I’m low key terrified of covid. An update on the safety would be amazing

  33. Alli Reynolds says:

    That intro tho!!

  34. Gary Petermeier says:

    That first machine with the eagles. Almost took all your money then it hit. I love playing it but most often you never get a big win!

  35. ViralDR says:

    That kitty game bored me to death. Those other games looked awesome.

  36. intel Wild says:

    Nice win!

  37. CLowGreen says:

    Do you usually get that lucky with $100 on a single slot machine? lol

  38. Jo Ann Lawery says:

    Congratulations on that big win at Aria. Please tell me you used your player's card

  39. Clint Holder says:

    Aria is such a great Resort!!!!

  40. Brian Phillips says:

    I like the simplicity of your channel just z hundred in and let's see what happens

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