30 thoughts on “I Put $100 in a Slot on the FLAMINGO Lodge – Right here's What Occurred! 🤩 Las Vegas 2021”
  1. Travel Ruby says:

    Here is some of our wins at Flamingo in Las Vegas!
    Ended up losing quite a bit overall this trip, but hey that's the game.

  2. Stephone Penny says:

    Look up stage door $1 beer and 5 shots great dive bar

  3. Mike Bedard says:

    Love watching you play. Tell hubby ty very much for taping it

  4. Joel Barron says:

    Miss Ruby I love your discipline and that voice that that man has it so sexy

  5. Dave Kellar says:

    What is the pool area like these days?

  6. Danielle Guerra says:

    Are we ever going to see your husband. I’m

  7. Chelsea Espinoza says:

    Going to Vegas Thursday and staying at the Luxor, last time I won $900
    I enjoy watching your videos, I love slots

  8. kcyu says:

    Good luck!

  9. Basil Piazza says:

    Staying here next weekend thanks to your vids super excited

  10. AMAYA Explorer says:

    Good bonus win i love watching your channel i also have channel you can check it out.

  11. Alan Abrams says:

    Hi, Ruby! New to your channel, been watching over last couple weeks. Wow, I live in Cali and could be in Vegas in less than 4 hours, 40 min by plane. It's been so long. I'm planning a weekend. If I lose my ass, I know who to blame. j/k Thanks!

  12. The Wandering Traveler says:

    You guys ever play high limit slots?

  13. Rebecca Allen says:

    Lots of fun. Thanks.

  14. Yuliana Trejo says:

    OMG YASSSS! I love your longer videos!!!!

  15. psc69nyc says:

    Got your money's worth.

  16. Charles Foutch says:

    This is nothing last time I was in Vegas I put $100 in a machine and in less than 10 minutes I turned it into $5

  17. Kim Kasey says:

    I also love two seaters ….fun just being able to snuggle with your honey while playing.

  18. Trontasia says:

    Sorry you guys lost a lot… Seemed like a great time though 🙂 – I like the presentation of the slot machines – the ambiance. Some days ago I finally found a page that shows a list of casinos in GTA: San Andreas with the real-life versions: Caligula's Palace (Caeser's Palace), The Clown's Pocket (Circus Circus), The Camel's Toe (Luxor), Come-A-Lot (Excalibur), The Emerald Isle (Fitzgeralds), The Four Dragons Casino (Imperial Palace) (which is now The Linq), The High Roller (Bally's), The Pink Swan (Flamingo), Pirates in Men's Pants (Treasure Island) (the game has a sense of humor, but with the slapstick style since it's takes place in the Early 90's (1992) :), Royal Casino (Casino Royale), Starfish Casino (Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon), The Visage (The Mirage), V-Rock Hotel (Hard Rock Hotel).

  19. Doug Walker says:

    The bonus that doesn’t show you the results after is predetermined. It doesn’t matter what you pick.

  20. o says:

    I love location of Flamingo

  21. christopher arch says:

    Pretty funny. How about showing what subscriber money you lose. You show what YOU want.

  22. ralf leidig says:

    thats what built this city nice video though thanks

  23. Sony X950H says:

    Can you do a Buffalo session at the slots?

  24. Howard C says:

    Why don't you read the rules and understand how the game works before plopping yourself down?

  25. DIESEL says:

    The X zone bonus was weird I couldn’t figure out the line hits

  26. J Benjamin says:

    Next time, do the Crazy Money Deluxe 1 cent slots! A lot of fun and you usually win when you put in $100

  27. Martha Ruiz says:

    Are you at Vegas every weekend

  28. Julie Cairns says:

    I met another subscriber to your channel while working last night!

  29. intel Wild says:

    Flamingo is where I stay every time. Cant beat the location and the pool is great. As far as high bets, yes that sucks when they only have $25 dollar tables….I just won't play them. Oyo has 24-7 $1 blackjack from what I've heard.

  30. MaskedMageYT says:

    Flamingo put me in a very bad room even with high bets ect, talked to a host and they wernt able to make it right so i dont go there anymore.
    cant wait for resort world to open tho

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