41 thoughts on “I received a Loopy BIG WIN on RAZOR SHARK Slot !”
  1. Chipmonkz Slots says:

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  2. R. Slickers says:

    I’m in

  3. Kirsty Jee says:

    Im in great wins again

  4. Troy Easton says:

    I'm in

  5. Elliot Clark says:

    I’m in merry crimble

  6. Jonno Cowling says:

    Amazing content as always chip merry Christmas to you and the family and jord I'm in

  7. Ozkan Sen says:

    Chip that game razor shark loves you man, that's a Xmas gift from razor shark. Happy Xmas chip

  8. mark Hodson says:

    Well done pa IM IN

  9. Jacob Halliday says:

    I’m in

  10. Kira Denyer says:

    Did you ever receive my email?? I emailed you a around 2 weeks ago ❤️

  11. Donnamichelle 83 says:

    I'm in

  12. Reece Kyriacou says:

    If that's not worth a like I don't know what is. Super video as always and you deserved that win after getting burnt other day.

  13. Phil Mchugh says:

    Hi Chip, screen was a bit off kilter but nice to see you get a four king win on Bonanza! Haha

  14. Ian Renault says:

    Im in

  15. matthew harvie says:

    I’m in

  16. cheryl Mayhew says:

    I'm also in

  17. cheryl Mayhew says:

    Amazing win on razor shark chip x

  18. Shane Murrell says:

    I’m in

  19. Ian Billington says:

    I'm in

  20. David Levy says:

    I'm in.

  21. Michael Fraser says:

    I'm in. All the best lads.

  22. darren smith says:

    I'm in. That's an awesome win mate. You well and truly deserved it

  23. MarkevasonFishing says:

    I’m in

  24. Stacy Hilton says:

    I'm in please chip

  25. Stuart max147 Allen says:

    I'm in but wow what a hit nice one!

  26. Matthew Neville says:

    I'm in great shot chip

  27. Ben Bembridge says:

    I'm in

  28. Michael Stonehouse says:

    I'm in

  29. ian69u says:

    Used to like you chip but I don't believe anymore

  30. ben dover says:

    I’m in

  31. peter browne says:

    I'm in

  32. Caz Charlottes says:

    Lovely win sweetie. Happy for you. I'm in always in 😉 xx

  33. Derek Cannon says:

    I'm in ! thanks guys !

  34. Marc scullion says:

    I'm i chip

  35. Scott Jones says:

    Nice hit chip m8

  36. Katie Hodgkiss says:

    Great win chip x

  37. Jimmy Tree says:

    Show the deposits

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