29 thoughts on “I river big hand… BUT FACE $1700 RAISE! | Poker Vlog 110”
  1. Larry Underwood says:

    You have to admit , it just takes basic math to realize that the timed rake at peppermill is way more expensive than a regular rake

  2. JP says:

    I miss the good ole Reno. Still remember NYE 1999 like it was yesterday. I still make the 2hr trip up the hill once a month but I just drive str8 to the Peppermill and stay there til time to go back home

  3. Shoot1ngStar says:

    Dont hero fold if ur gonna hero call lol

  4. Jason says:

    So I'm totally miffed that you folded the boat there. You're losing to quad 9s, 7s, and MAYBE queens. I think it's fair to rule out queens because he's a complete unknown at this point, and the default move is a raise preflop with queens. Considering he only called flop and turn, I'm ruling out all the boats. Based on your commentary at the end, it sounds like you folded because you thought he was a pro. You acknowledged it already, but I think that's a terrible fold and you're better better that! Thanks for the videos and keep up the good work!

    Edit – I do agree that it's possible, and likely that he was raising with a flush thinking it was value. It sounds like you tanked for so long that he figured out what you had and he lwas trying to save face by saying he was trying to push you off a small boat. I'm not saying it's good logic, but it's definitely amateur logic. Trust me, I would know. Sidentoe – has anyone seen my tye-dye shirt?

  5. Gareth Davies says:

    Playing rags out of position and to weak to raise. Not a lot else to say

  6. 01linlee says:

    Not sure if it was because of him. You folded and called…it's just poker. He still could've had a higher FH

  7. Tem Sedgwick says:

    Really enjoy your vlogs, Ben. I live in Vegas and see a lot of vlogs here – nice to see some Northern Exposure! Keep it up. Would love to see you playing some Omaha, at some point…

  8. rolback says:

    The very first Texas Holdem tournament I ever played, I won. I had never played Texas Holdem before. And never really gambled. The tournament director said he never saw anything like it, in his life. Only 40 to 50 players. I didn’t know what I was doing and I totally confused everyone with my bets. I didn’t understand blinds, raises, strategy and all the rules. I had just watched it on TV up to then. Since then I continued playing and like the game a lot.

  9. Voice Reason says:

    The way it was played I think he had the nut flush and thought or was hoping you had a lower flush. If I don't know the player I am calling especially the way he played it. He probably didn"t even pay attention to the river 9.

  10. Norma Stanley says:

    The old man did good.. Leave the table before you go broke..

  11. John S says:

    he had Qh 9h

  12. followmetoglory says:

    Had a feeling he had a flush before you said he had a flush

  13. Simon Nunes says:

    "I put you all in" is something I use to say back on 2005 playing a home game in the garage… 100% tell he's a FISH

  14. Karen Akopyan says:

    For sure you had the winner with the 22. If he had a made hand he wouldn’t go all in.

  15. Strawman says:

    We’ve all been there Ben,

  16. Hunter Gatherer says:

    He thought his flush was good lol. That's why you read him as strong ..

  17. Cantona F says:

    1:42 is the best part of this session.

  18. Jim Riggs says:

    If your going to make a weak blocking (deuces full) and prepared to fold with an unknown player.. You would of been better to check call the river depending on the river bet.. You only learned about the queens hand later in your session..Yes, he could of thought A9 or a flush was the best hand.. This is a game of obtaining information.. No one in vlog knows what he had.. Sometimes you lay the best hand down..

  19. Andrew Tam says:

    It seems like you don’t know what you are doing instead

  20. Taylor Sias says:

    Before you show the answer, I'll bet he had 79 in that last hand.

  21. Chris Morales says:

    My man Brad Owen making some folds

  22. The Chosen One says:

    Bet… call
    Bet… call
    Bet… jam

    9 comes, what is he representing? Pocket sevens, queens, two pair, and flush would have raised you already before the river.

    Does he have 79 Q9? Not likely again as two pair would have raised you already… and the 9 on the river lessens the chance he actually has a 9 in his hand. The only thing he’s representing is a missed flush with Ax, he doesn’t even have the flush! He has the ace blocker and thought you have a baby flush and there’s no way you have a full house. And thus would not call his all in. It is a pro play, I also think he tried to tilt you a bit afterwards

    Play it through your head and realize that it’s a bankroll you can afford to lose. Down 2K… fine, take two weeks off to clear your mind (you’re spreading out the loss over two weeks so it doesn’t sting as much) or go lower stakes for a few sessions.

  23. 75South. says:

    It's "Snap Rack" season… happen to me three time yesterday…. they suck out and run…

  24. Matt Damos says:

    I definitely would have 3 bet the tens. Although you were in early position in relation to the rest of the table, you had position on the player that you know is solid. By raising, it takes more of the guessing out for subsequent action. (i.e. tough to put him on qq when he flats for $20. Easier if he has to call $60-$80.) Also, this gives you betting control so you probably wouldn't check the flop on a 9 high flop.

  25. 6BT_ Str86 says:

    Yeah…that 2/2 one is a hard one, I think I'm calling, but table dynamics are good bit of it, although I think I'm calling it off…

  26. Mike Siegrist says:

    Ouch. Don’t beat yourself up to much. And go giants! Grew up in San Jose so I’m a huge giants fan.

  27. America The Free says:

    This is what happens when you buy in more then your comfortable with. A good poker tends to be cautious when their outside their comfort zone. An experienced poker will adjust their style of play.

  28. America The Free says:

    Thats not B.S it's the truth. The moment I saw the flop I thought he had AK spades.

  29. Mike Pahn says:

    New subscriber. Love the content and music choices. Keep up the hard work! Sincerely, your average poker player.

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