42 thoughts on “I Stroll Into $7000+ Pot!! Taking part in Highest Stakes I Can Discover! Poker Vlog Ep 155”
  1. Taco Power says:

    That first hand was really weird. Thought for sure you were beat after you got called twice with that board.

  2. Rene Fouwler says:

    Brad. Glad to see you repping the All Blacks! Kia kaha.

  3. N K says:

    Your blogs are getting boring, Brad. Play higher.

  4. ryan hill says:

    Looks like you only won $20 in poker at Red Rock and $220 from the chip runner lol

  5. Mr. Blue Chipz says:

    Only problem is that you play so late to take advantage of drunk players. I'd like to see you play during peak hours.

  6. Victor Uribe says:

    You mentioned you play profesionally, why are you scared of the pros?

  7. scott powell says:

    I'm coming this weekend for some Bradley dollars!!!

  8. shentx says:

    at 9:00 "Flop comes Jack ten Six" No, no it does not.

  9. David Heinig says:

    Tonight we're going to red rock. First orbit I pick up AA I Flop AAA. I Win $5000

  10. Justin Laar says:

    Keep up the good work Mr, Owen u are a good sport.
    Greetings from Holland:)

  11. Elvinas Tam says:

    good play brawl y

  12. Grim Reaper says:

    I was at the Red rock everyday this week and never saw you. You're fake. I can prove this too because I vlogged the entire 7 day session at red rock.

  13. Cody Walker says:

    @Brad Owen what's your other favorite places to eat? I'll be in Vegas for the first time in June and I'm starting a list of places.

  14. Mauricio Zamorano says:

    When do you think you transition from being an amateur to a pro? Is it merely on thought process and hand equity insight?

  15. Trevor Bevins says:

    I watched this video and Brad inspired me to go sit down at the $1/2 at Red Rock. I sat down, got involved in 2 hands, rivered a 3rd King to double up off of a two pair flop, then flopped a set of 9’s and turned quads to double up again. I wasn’t there more than 30 mins. Turned $100 into $500 in half an hour. Thanks for the inspiration Brad!

  16. DingTren Videos says:

    Hey brad im always watching your vlog would you recommend playing poker online ?

  17. Scooby doo says:

    Inspiring brad Thankyou

  18. Wayne says:

    Brad, what skills do you think those Aria regs have that you don’t?

  19. investor greats says:

    The stakes goes up with the subscriber count and views … more youtube money, higher stakes

  20. Ginyuu5 says:

    Where is the 7K pot?

  21. H1ghL1ghT1 says:

    Great content, as always! Happy Grinding!

  22. Daniel Bush says:

    That'd be amazing to be up $1,000 for the year

  23. power pole 77 says:

    Jt6 when its kt6 brother thats 2 vids in a row aha love the jam

  24. Jeezo17 says:

    I’m going to Vegas soon and I really want to play, but it will be my first time ever playing at a casino. Where do you you recommend to play? Low stakes of course lol

  25. Toothless / Samsauce says:

    my favorite youtube content

  26. john schissler says:

    every 10/20 game leaves in under an hour despite free holding stakes from this stream and you running great

  27. Fish Poker says:

    I'm the fish in every game:(

  28. ScottyB says:

    Good night's work…

  29. One -of- One says:

    Again, so uncool that's it's gone full circle, come out the other side, and is cool again…

  30. Brian Campbell says:

    Are you planning any meet up games? Will be in Vegas for a golf tournament starting on 4/11. Would love to play a little poker.

  31. Elmer Walter says:

    What was the date on the 10-20 game? I might of been playing in it earlier it was still running when I left at 8am

  32. ejones9924 says:

    Im better player than you and definitely the pros

  33. Lloyd Christmas says:

    Im sure that plexi glass with huge gaps in it is really keeping players from passing on covid as they all share cards. So stupid. So many pointless things like that going on cuz of covid.

  34. Barnes'd says:

    I don’t even play, but love watching your videos.

  35. Cody Risko says:

    I’ll be in Vegas 4/16-4/20. Any chance you’ll be on a 2/5 ?

  36. Vijay Konka says:

    Try the pizza at the pizzeria in circus circus. Their pizza and wings are greatly good.

  37. Gianpaolo Di Blasi says:

    Hey Brad, I'm interested in getting into poker… Do you have any advice?

  38. Joe Volpe says:

    I like 550 Pizza. But, my fav in LV is Settebello.

  39. Chris L says:

    "What a time to be alive"……these little lines crack me up Brad.

  40. Mike Siegrist says:

    YES!! 550 at aria is the best pizza on the strip by miles. MGM gives 2 dollars an hour for poker comps too so play for a few hours and get a free slice!

  41. وقد وهبوا says:

    live poker is just whale central eh. i feel like any 25NL winner could be a pro in vegas lol

  42. Stratagon says:

    That spotted King at 11:29 provides an opportunity to play every card player's favorite guessing game, "Blood, Booger or Chocolate?"

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