19 thoughts on “I TURN a SET and CRAZY OPPONENT SHOVES ALL IN!! | Poker Vlog #42”
  1. Lun He says:

    like your vlog, down to earth and bs free, plays well too

  2. janis talcott says:

    I just saw one of your videos. First, well done video! Second, your narration is awesome. All in.

  3. Mike Williams says:


  4. Eddie Babaian says:

    Why do you show multiple views of your hole cards with canned audio in between playing hands?

  5. Michael mertens says:

    1:1 copy of Brad Owen. Wolfgang Poker is probably AI which analysed Brad Owens language in order to copy it 100%. Funny, but stupid.

  6. Blackout Jones says:

    Let’s get some personality i these videos. Feels like I’m in 4th period watching these videos. First time watching and subbed. Keep up the content

  7. Mr. Personal-ity says:

    Very weak player

  8. RoyFokerPoker says:

    Where's your vlog from Golden Nugget session?

  9. MURM Skateboarding says:

    Cool vid Wolfgang

  10. Aroni Banerjee says:

    dude…you're too tight. You need to be more aggressive brother….people are catching up with freaking K4 off…..when they should not be.

  11. drdrayfromla99 says:

    When you win a pot without showdown, you’re not supposed to count the last bet you put in as part of the total pot won. Otherwise, you could technically say you won a $550 pot but had jammed all in $500 to win $50 (not that a logical player would do that but just making an extreme example).

    Tough session and tough break on the K2. Just an action player who got lucky. They’ll lose more in the long run so don’t get too mad at them as they’re a bank to the rest of us.

  12. D1 Big Shifter says:

    Brad Owen is gonna hit you up for a copy right infringement on the Jiggittys

  13. OkiePokerPlayer says:

    I'm folding AQ off OOP to a 4 bet most of the time. I might call if I think the OP will 4 bet light, or is on tilt.

  14. Almighty Stunna says:

    Suited Ace queen i would call

  15. 18000rpm says:

    AQ against tight player's 4-bet jam is a fold unless you're getting better than around 2.5:1

  16. Joe Lazar says:

    You’re never ahead of a 4bet jam with AQ off suit, but if your name is Rampage Poker it’s a call every time and you will win 93.7% of the time.

  17. brian leroy says:

    every hand was either horribly misplayed and or your reasoning is shit

  18. brian leroy says:

    yup poker is dead folks

  19. 707 SaV says:

    You just get lucky AF, just watching this your okay is sub par at best and having been watching YouTube poker to much. Your playing 1-3 bro, if you complain about that K2 hand okay higher stakes then

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