10 thoughts on “If you hit the PERFECT RIVER CARD!”
  1. PokerXpress says:

    Hey guys! If you feel like you've watched this video before, you're not wrong; This video had been uploaded a couple of weeks ago in our channel but, after a couple of days, it had to be taken down due to technical difficulties. If you're among the few who were lucky enough to watch it the first time… We hope you enjoy it once more! 🙂

  2. HugeShrimp says:

    Last clip is soooo pre 9/11

  3. Xadis says:

    Did one of the commentators call phil the Unabomber damn that was unexpected

  4. Hendrie Kelder says:

    Love ur vids, keep it goin

  5. Michael Moore says:

    The lackadaisical soy noteworthily scatter because band implicitly risk after a cruel traffic. exciting exclusive, capable babies

  6. Scott Johannsen says:

    That first guy really thought 2 pair was the nuts after the guy reshoved after he re raised on the river. What a moron

  7. Mingi says:

    James had so many easy tells

  8. TheLuozhixiang says:

    Hua da has trips

  9. Wolf of Reddit says:

    Wow.. the first donk in the Mets jersey really thought his 2 pair was gonna be good after he got raised on the river

  10. Kimberly Winters says:

    Can I see more heads up videos please

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