19 thoughts on “INSANE $5,000 $5/10 Session at Caesars Palace!”
  1. Johnny Evans says:

    You with 8s keep calling and both times he keeps telling you that he has 8s beat and you keep calling or getting in hands with the guy. Call me crazy but stop playing pocket 8s in position or out of position. See a flop and fold but you keep seeing flops and calling. You say you are learning the game and getting info but I feel that you are a slow learner…lol most poker players are but read the table. He has shown you monsters both time, note to self stay out of pots with this guy. You don't want to play against good players you want to play against bad players. That is if you are trying to make a living. Brad Owen walking away from the biggest game he has ever played(up $4,000) and saying there are 7 players better than him at the table…that is how you make a living playing poker. Just saying. I love watching your poker channel.

  2. Robert Lin says:

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  3. Mark Tombazian says:

    The correct play on 10/9 was a flat call. See the board! Duh! This arrogant approach of reraise with 10/9 suited is dumb enough. Those are trapping cards, not bullying cards. AA,KK are bullying cards. Stop over playing your cards! Duh!!

  4. fialee8 says:

    Not cool calling out the index card guy.

  5. libertyforamericanow says:

    1:37 wtf do you mean diamonds brick out? Diamonds get there on the turn

  6. Mike_Lagi says:

    Hey man good job as always. Really impressed how far you have come. Watching you playing improved drastically and also the edit is getting "high quality" video as johnny vibes would put it. Great job also on tbe growth of your channel. You have by far the best vlog as of 2021.

    I have a really good recommendation to give you and it would be really easier to follow
    When you are describing your hands you should put a stack depth of at the very least how effective you are and having knowledge of others

    My hands. Opponant
    UTG (1.1k) CO (540), HJ (2.8k)

    Its always nice to have that info as a viewer

  7. D Smith says:

    at a boy.

    keep it up, man

  8. Justin Z says:

    When you bet JJ out of position with one over card, do you ever fold versus a raise?

  9. Michael Alvarez says:

    keep it up ! love the vids and editing. commentary is enjoyable as well

  10. lennart jones says:

    in 5:04 w 9Ts in SB you decide to 4 bet purely based on your image, no word about the 3bettors perceived range and frequency…. Have you seen him 3bet more from other positions is this his 1st 3Bet.

    I would just take a flop with 9Ts and put some other hands in your 4 bet bluff range with less playability post but some blockers like KQo or A3s-A6s also if your opponents 3bet range is pure value no point in 4 betting just based on your image alone.

  11. Joshua Gustin says:

    awesome frickin bluff. Damn i really wish you showed it to him though. Would've been so satisfying haha

  12. Chaleman R says:

    Sick bluff. His fold was good though cuz he could have been conceivably beat. Bluff was risky though. Glad you came back. Lolol those biggers games are tough because them boys aren't afraid. Yes you were being targeted.
    Wtf you walked away from the guys at the end LOL. Bad sendoff. Gotta fix that type of thing.

  13. Lewis Evans says:

    Hey, just to let you know for if you do read this, the 4-bet with Tc9c wasn't your best play imo. The 3-bet to 130 was around 4x the previous raise which indicates a ton of strength, the guy is unlikely to fold to a 4-bet if his 3-bet was that size. Being that you didn't have a traditionally strong pre-flop hand, I think a call or even a fold was the move here. Best wishes

  14. CHACHBEATS says:

    Folding is boring

  15. greenzza says:

    Well played.

  16. OkiePokerPlayer says:

    Ethan you need to loosen up a little and call with that suited connector in position sometimes. Wow, did I just tell Ethan to loosen up…hehehe

  17. Ben K says:

    Great bluff!

  18. Njbori973 says:

    Great blog bro. Gg

  19. Harrison Gu says:

    Btw you have very obvious sizing tells when you’re raising for value

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