27 thoughts on “Insane Assortment of Slot Bonuses and Mega Wins?”
  1. Craig Slots says:

    SLOT PLANET REVIEW: https://www.gamblersden.com/casinos/review/slotplanet
    GIVEAWAY: https://www.gamblersden.com/giveaways/giveaway/slot-planet-December-2020

    Really appreciate anybody who uses the links above to sign up to Slot Planet (:

  2. Rob Brookland says:

    6 days for the free giveaway it’s already closed 3 days after this video???

  3. Vengar14 says:

    Loving these long vids Craig, keep it going

  4. Cazerina 57 says:

    You need to do this for other streamers too. Unofficial slot battles . Loved the video

  5. Trevor Isbell says:

    Mate I well enjoy ya vids.. often I find myself cracking up over some random comment you do during these vids haha. Bruv win lose or draw keep em coming

  6. Andrew McGregor says:

    fuckin hilarious !!!! good luck craig!!

  7. MK-Ultimatum says:

    9:49 I like watching you play slots, but then you say stupid shit like "We need golden DRAG DRAGS"!!
    16:42 What is it about all the symbols wearing Christmas hats and the OBVIOUS Christmas theme that makes you think Jimbo played the normal version of Aloha?!

  8. Lindsey mcintyre says:

    Hahah not unheard of me to follow through what you like

  9. No soul says:

    you played the wrong alloha

  10. Demi PY says:

    Full Slot List for SP for DE Players. Wrote a little python script to extract them! 🙂


    If you need some more from other sites or other country hit me up!

    PS: great video! Cheers!

  11. kkrispy2009 P says:

    Merry Xmas and new may 2021 be better xx

  12. Garf79 says:

    "Turns out you might have grout or an infection" what ya been doing tiling the bathroom?

  13. Goody Goodwin says:

    Next time you win big. Cash out, then re deposit some where else with a bonus. Will help your cash outs more.

  14. rob lighton says:

    How did your balance boost by 400 quid on fruit warp. Was on 500 on previous slot

  15. Steven Kohut says:

    great vid as always mate enjoyed that one

  16. Danbeast EU says:

    Craig. Honestly. Be bummed hapoy what ever. We love and enjoy your content. I got my first 1000x on money train two today. Please listen to alien ant farms latest song on there channel will cheer ya up. Let me know what ya think. It is a george micheal cover btw.

  17. MFSlots says:

    just paid a heap to listen to cotton eye Joe haha

  18. Steven Rutherford says:

    Good video mate your like me sometimes you don’t cash out when you really should!

  19. Slotmaster AlexandraKP says:

    He laughs and the multiplier goes up, try and understand the game ffs

  20. james soames says:

    Is this a fake money channel because the guy never cashes out. He had 2k at point.

  21. Taboo Vector says:


  22. Danny boy says:

    Cotton Eye joe is stuck in my head now lol

  23. Buttduck says:

    You are Craig, Jimbo is …. well Jimbo ! So play Craig games at Craig stakes and entertain the masses

  24. Taboo Vector says:

    "im on my knees" epic u dirty ol man xD

  25. JimboCasino says:

    You started on my last 6 bonuses, just saying – also deadwood paid me 12x your research is all off baldy fat man

  26. P Dob says:

    How did it jump from 540quid on star clusters to 950quid on fruit warp the next game??

  27. Ayrshiregers2 Ayrshiregers2 says:

    Pity turned sour, but good watch

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