32 thoughts on “INSANE!!! EPIC Bonus on CLEOPATRA GOLD & WILD FURY Slot Machines – On line casino Slot Massive Win (San Manuel)”
  1. Meya’s Coins says:

    Wow, that was exciting!!! Very nice video y’all.

  2. shirley steele says:

    Hey sc slots i would love to have one of the winners bank….how much are they with the discount?

  3. Violet Smith says:

    Can I get the winner's bank in Canada.

  4. Ashanae Chandler says:

    Congrats on your win. That was incredible. Isn't it amazing how your headache goes away when you win. Lol. Hubby and I headed to downstream this weekend. Wish us luck. Won't have our gambler box until sunday tho. Any advice?. Love you guys. New biggest fan all the way in kcmo.

  5. Byron Neely says:

    Wild fury was poppin

  6. Wendy Tolbert says:

    I really enjoy watching you both.how you communicate and encourage each other with so much love. Stay positive as you always do. Be Bllessed !

  7. Kathleen GReene says:

    so fun

  8. Kathleen GReene says:

    We use that bank too. BUT my hubby keeps the key at home. That is a good idea. $1,500.00 home locked in the bank was the best to bring home.

  9. Lourdes Rivera says:

    Hi guys. You awesome. Have a great day

  10. South Cowgirl 504 says:

    Congratulations that was so much fun to watch! I’m binge watching your videos until I fall to sleep! More luck to you guys!

  11. Melinda Bell says:

    My heart is bursting for you ❤ a great win!!!!!! Keep it up ❤❤

  12. Bridgette Bojang says:

    I'm excited for ya'll My husband and I go all the time never win big in Oklahoma

  13. Pam Fuller says:

    Where can I get a winners box??

  14. Kathleen GReene says:

    WE HAVE A BANK TOO. $800. was the most.

  15. Danny P says:

    Hi guys! We need some more videos! My wife and I just love the excitement and enthusiasm y'all ( yup we're from Oklahoma! Lol) have!

  16. Kelly Short says:

    Love my winners bank! Took it on my last cruise and brought my winnings home! Leaving on another cruise in 12 days hope to fill it again! Love your videos guys❤️

  17. Glenda Stafford says:

    Omg that’s was so much fun. Thanks you two.

  18. AlphaTraveler1 says:

    Alright yall, I have only one question, are you guys using the winning box that you bought? LOL

  19. Matthew Alex says:

    Always Enjoy You Guys Videos/Success!! Positive Vibes!! #NoThumbsDown

  20. OKslots of_fun says:

    Great win on that cleopatra game! I love to see people turn free play into cold, hard cash! I have a winner bank just like yours, same color and everything. I love it too! I managed to stuff $920 into it once, lol. It sure comes in handy and keeps you from leaving the casino broke!

  21. San Manuel Casino says:

    Congrats on the win!

  22. patricia machado says:

    so happy for you two

  23. Joyce A says:

    I have one and always come home with some money, but the most I've had is $500 which is better than 0. Just need to leave your key at home and put something in the bank each time you win.

  24. Rene Louisiana Red says:

    Another great video! I love my winners bank.

  25. swing back says:

    that was great.. and a very pretty woman…..

  26. Sanders Slots says:

    I can stuff 2700 in hundreds in before it gets stuffed!

  27. Rodney Beamon says:

    That was a wild session… Love the energy… Do you always use ur club card on every session

  28. Todderrick says:

    I have that exact bank in the same color. Just this past weekend I netted 600$.

  29. Naieema Morgan says:

    You guys are awesome and super funny

  30. Carina S says:

    That was so much fun to watch.

  31. Nancy’s Nibbles of Life says:

    I’m glad it was #actingactive. So glad y’all uploaded a new video. I was looking forward to it. Keep ballin out!!

  32. Marcus Aurelius says:

    You two are fun and amazing!!

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