1. James Simmers says:

    I don't think your average viewer understands how Hard is to hit the BONUS on this Machine, playing
    Only 10 lines !! I think you surprised yourself, at how Quickly you got the Bonus , and the Retrigger ! Regardless that was Fun for me to Witness, and now go get yourself another Handbag to Celebrate ! ☮️

  2. cesar moreno says:

    I like to play this game. When you get the 3 BONUS in a diagonal (on a 10 lines x 5 dimes bet), you get 10 spins. But I dont see how this 5 dollar bet became a 50 dollar bet (of 100 lines x 10 dimes)…. is this a REAL jackpot or just a show for the VIDEO ?

  3. muneer Soresho says:

    Actually I kept watching you not the game , so cute,come to Toronto please

  4. Gillermo Torres says:

    Congratulations, you are great and I love you.

  5. Joey Isip says:

    Played this this past weekend and it destroyed me 🙁

  6. Kevin Kempton says:

    You should have changed your bet after you hit the jackpot!

  7. Will Miller says:

    Definitely not a fan of the double screen

  8. Jose Valdez says:

    Nice win.
    You are the best. ..

  9. Ben Rapp says:

    Why does she put her face in the corner? So we can watch her watch the slot…?

  10. Mark Challed says:

    Congrats Sarah on the best hit I have seen on SR. Thanks for the post.

  11. Marcus Now says:

    Played this at a local casino the other day. Had no idea what was going on or how to play it but I put 50 dollars in and walked away with 300

  12. Lawrence S. says:

    WOW!!! WAY TO GO SARAH!! Another well-deserved victory girl!! Totally FANTASTIC!!!

  13. Adam Mishko says:

    Hell yea nice….happy for you now I need one of those hits …

  14. Klint Bartle says:

    Fantastic dream win. Love the 3 middle bonus wild wins with the Gentleman in the pays. Congrats Sarah. Nice win.

  15. KenoBabe777 says:

    FABULOUS WIN!!! Congrats!!!!!

  16. kevin arnold says:

    So much fun Watching…

  17. harlem quijano says:

    Epic line hit!!! WTG

  18. Shirley Schoen says:

    That was amazing!!!!! Congratulations.

  19. mathew alfes says:

    Great, fun video

  20. Paul Hillier says:

    Hi Slotlady incredible win good to see your still winning your a nice lady and always will be I'm very poorly at the moment but watching your videos keeps me going stay safe take care yourself best wishes Paul Hillier xxxx

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