42 thoughts on “INSANE SOUL READ FACING OVER BET JAM!!! – Poker Vlog 43”
  1. OkiePokerPlayer says:

    I'm pretty sure Congress is the 5 card Omaha, right? What is BigO?

  2. Wadiya Talkinabeet says:

    Don’t use that moron Owen’s cancerous term. They’re Jacks and Jacks only.

  3. Tom Harris says:

    3:20 bro, you guys need to run your equity’s more, you’re virtually flipping against any hand that isnt a set, JAM IT MOTHER F. You maximize fold equity if you dont get there and you make your hand you get paid more, also, i know you got there and won the pot, but stop being results oriented, this sounds like im being harsh but I’m trying to be supportive.

  4. Dac Gours says:

    Great vlog fellas

  5. Roger Qian says:

    not a soul read lol

  6. Tyler Mawhinney says:

    What days y’all go there?

  7. The Baseball Family says:

    If I was in the hand the guy would’ve rivered a 5 .

  8. Anthony P says:

    About time Jello came to his senses…stay away from those games

  9. Zack Bartholomew says:

    Hey I emailed you guys, get back to me!

  10. J Rich says:

    Frankie on that congress hand you show that you had the ace of diamonds..but there was an ace on board and buddy that doubled through you or stacked you had 3 in his hand

  11. iwantitall21 says:

    You guys haven’t been realizing your “Merch Equity” this occurs when players try to donate money to you based simply off their hatred for your hoodie and YouTube channel

  12. Chris Hearse says:

    Frankie i would love to buy some merch but no international shipping 🙁

  13. Radbone Tom says:

    You need to remember, everything you do at the poker table conveys information, you can’t just be like all singing to yourself, death staring at the opponent and randomly striking up conversation with your neighbor….wooo baby!

  14. Cory McCamish says:

    Given Rosey got shown the 5h its likely he had Ah5h for the turned nut flush draw

  15. Franky says:

    U don’t have to wear masks anymore?

  16. Shady O says:

    No more masks? Be safe.

  17. AceKing says:

    I started playing poker 6 months ago and was down $3000 then I was down $1100 after like 3 sessions and on my last session I made a huge mistake where I folded on the turn 4 ways with a open ended straight draw because they were betting max. Well I would have hit the nuts and would have won pretty big but I made the west fold ever. I lost $700 and now I’m down $1800

  18. z0mby d0nky says:

    You are always bankrolled for omaha just buy in and get it all in asap and triple up then you are sitting good LoL

  19. Bill Burford says:

    Omaha/Congress "lessons" can be expensive! Great vid!

  20. Dude Milli says:

    Wait how did you lose when you had a strait and he had 3 access? I'm confused am I missing something

  21. Bill McCullough says:

    As I am sitting here playing some 5/10 PLO online I am so proud of Frankie and Jello deciding they should not be playing games they are not rolled for. Great read by Rosey with the JJ as well.

  22. John Peters says:

    Idk why aren’t you wearing masks when everyone is?

  23. Marcus Rakyat says:

    Nice Vlog buddy. Always enjoy all your contents. Love ❤️ from Malaysia.

  24. Mike Wheeler says:

    u all are making some very good reads! ur analytical skills are improving

  25. mooreas222 says:

    I’m going to buy the merch so Frankie can keep playing.

  26. Kevin Alexander says:

    Fellas! Keep grinding. Thanks for the vlog.

  27. Jack Mann says:

    Why is staring at the cards a symbol of weakness?

  28. Wesley Verity says:

    Do you know what the nuts means?

  29. BotSoup says:

    I like sizing up that AQ on the turn on the double FD, think the fellas should be sizing up a lot of turn bets instead of 1/2 pot, 1/2 pot, 1/2 pot the whole way

  30. travis coates says:

    So one of the New Yorkers was named Vinny? I don’t believe that for one second…

  31. Craig Roberts Poker says:


  32. f0t0b0y says:

    Good stuff! Poker room in Cincinnati finally opened up, let’s go!

  33. Michael B says:

    Nice call with the jacks kid!

  34. Xdwinter _ says:

    I hate card D too Frankie…..

  35. Clay McElyea says:

    I love the way Jello smiles at people it's hilarious.

  36. TNGShank says:

    Good call with the jacks

  37. Scott Rothbaum says:

    at around the 5 minute mark, that's not the nut flush draw and a gutter. That's the NFD and the nut wrap

  38. Allen Piscitello says:

    Obligatory Big-O Comment- KQT on AJ board is a wrap, way better than a gutter!

  39. WADATAH says:

    Glad you guys are back at it… this episode seemed a little rushed in production or some energy was missing. Maybe just knocking some rust off from the layoff.

  40. Christopher Padgett says:

    How do you know you’ve made it as a vlogger? You have your first employee….

    Great job guys!

  41. charles nipp says:

    Glad to hear yall are making more Vlogs. We need to hit it up again soon. Keep it up fellas.

  42. Greg Sholes says:

    If you don't get rid of the super annoying background music you will lose me forever.

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