1. Xposed says:

    Catch me Live on Twitch at 9pm EST everyday but Saturdays!

    Check out my other content

    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/xposed

    TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xposedtwitch​

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Xposed​

    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/XposedTwitch

  2. Matthew Cataneo says:


  3. Gawar Meow says:

    Real hall of famer

  4. Damyan Marchev says:

    Why u play only prag games ?

  5. Fajar Anwar says:


  6. Ahmet Akıncı says:

    Man I'm in trouble, can you send me $ 1000 for your luck?

  7. AffiliateMonkey says:

  8. bowzaaaaa says:

    Thats mmmprafit

  9. Likeroman says:

    Interesting if you took yesterday the Lepricon PRAFIT 😛 or why you was start so low today? Would be nice to see, whats really cash out and whit what you start on the day.. 🙂

  10. lin pira says:

    That win was decent but only like 230x

  11. frank butters says:

    hey thats pretty good

  12. Retrac GANG says:

    Ohhhh so you’re the one who took all the RTP…..

  13. Danielkasekk says:

    why no new videos ? did you died? i want moreeeeeee

  14. Jason Morman says:

    Someone who doesn't love this guy has something seriously wrong with them

  15. Z tn Officiel says:

    I wish you good luck you are great. But don't forget to help people

  16. Ninel Groseanu says:

    I hope in one day to get 100000000000$

  17. Ninel Groseanu says:

    I love this guy

  18. Pavel Beneš says:

    dad´s gonna fucking payyyyyyyy!!!!! xdd

  19. Alex LFC says:

    Watched this guys stream the other night and he literally just gets given money to play with? So is it even his or not?

  20. Ollie Smith says:

    favourite youtuber handsdown

  21. sisqo lino says:

    i look alls you videoooooo bravoooooooooooooooooooooooo

  22. sisqo lino says:


  23. i5150 says:

    Thats pretty good

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