44 thoughts on “Invoice Perkins STEALS Antonio Esfandiari's Magic on Poker After Darkish”
  1. DeCarlo Calloway says:

    Two-Pair Hands & Pocket Aces. All-time Money Losers.

  2. highflyerEV2311 says:

    That’s gotta suck having some fucking asshole celebrate when you pay him off 70k . Fuck Perkins

  3. Justin Weber says:

    I don't think you understand the definition of cooler @pokergo

  4. Kia Raisdana says:

    Not sure this hand qualifies as a cooler

  5. billy brien says:

    Perkins is a douche

  6. tavbf says:

    Call on the flop jus doomed him . Let it go . Perkins looked way too comfy and acted pretty quick on all his bets . A4 should be gone on the flop that 40 k raise was enough reason – move on to the next hand

  7. CribNotes says:

    As impressive as it is for Antonio to call out "two five of diamonds?" – it's not a great read unless he folds. I think Perkins Hollywood messed with Antonio.

  8. Johnny Spinks says:

    That's the weakness of all poor poker players like Esfandiari & Negreanu, they know they are beat but just can't let it go. This is why most so called professionals are broke and getting staked by multi millionaires

  9. CM P says:

    Not really a cooler IMO. He just had a pair of 4’s on the flop with an over pair and flush draw on the board. He knew he was likely behind hence it went check/check on the turn and he called his hand on the river.

  10. zizoumonk10 says:

    Flush over two pair is not what I would call a cooler.

  11. Jay S says:

    Bill Perkins is terrible

  12. Elhanan Hardaway says:

    um, is that bobby sura???

  13. Heineken Please says:

    looks like VBC got antonio

  14. Dhruvil Patel says:

    Loose opening from Antonio pre and got punished.

  15. Edwin Betancourt says:

    I can’t stand Perk but I love him. Weird!

  16. Imadethistocomment13 says:

    Although Perkins won this hand. He is generally considered an ATM machine for professional poker players.

  17. texasilainen says:

    I can’t find this episode on PokerGo

  18. Ben Lindridge says:

    What epsidoe on PAD is this? Is the full episode on POKERGO?

  19. Green Envy says:

    Antonio had no business in the hand after the 40k re-raise. He got what he deserved.

  20. eugene nawracaj says:

    A little misleading suggesting this a cooler.. Antonio couldve just folded ace 4 preflop since it sucks.. Its a speculation hand at best, and will get you in trouble far more often than it will pay off

  21. TORONTO 416 says:

    No way this is real MONEY impossible

  22. Tom Y says:

    wins a hand…
    acts like its a bracelet …
    looks childish…

  23. Stephen Curran says:

    People in the comments section are so results oriented, Antonio should probably be willing to call 3 streets with 2 pair, but it depends a lot on Perkins bet sizing. Antonio has a certain amount of flushes himself. I don’t think he has many sets though, and he probably never has straights, but he does have enough flushes to call 3 big bets with. With 2 pair it’s a very easy call on the river against a highly aggressive player. Also having a4 is almost better than ak cos you block some of their value range, pocket 4s, but it’s not really that relevant

  24. Chris Mccalman says:

    Antonio is so bad

  25. holdenpi says:

    I wouldn't blame anyone for getting pissed at Bill Perkins for celebrating like that; A true pro will stay patient and know that he's going to give away a lot more in the long run.

  26. Max Hong says:

    I’m just curious . Can bill go for a check raise instead of a bet on the river ?

  27. Ben Lieser says:

    Perkins laugh is dolphin

  28. datDANK says:

    Tony prolly has millions off perk lifetime

  29. J Poker says:

    I wonder what complicated range analysis and pot odds/equity calculations Bill is doing while staring down and blinking at his opponent

  30. BeatTheBieber says:

    what a fucking sexy check from perkins soo damn sexy with his mouth also and the look

  31. Van Peeples says:

    Nice 1 Bill , Glad to see sometimes he can be a player instead of Business when Focused

  32. Oleg Chebeneev says:

    Antonio is a good player but it was a really bad call. I mean what would his opponent bet so big other then a flush? 2 pair here is just a bluff catcher and Perkins wont bluff raise in multipot into agressor on the flop

  33. Endorphin machine says:

    Perkins has the most annoying face i've ever seen.

  34. stkfr says:

    its not mandatory to call midlle pair with A4o on this flop and its certainly not a cooler

  35. Kevin Bronis says:

    How is this a cooler?? What am I missing?

  36. Sean Gallagher says:

    Damn Hellmuth beating up on him and now BP

  37. Toni Ailton says:

    Love to read the comments of the whole pros under the youtube video of the fish Esfandiari. He should take a lesson from the youtube comment section poker pros how to play poker.

  38. hepos says:

    i love it when Antonio looses money

  39. James Macabre says:

    just new that ace of diamonds was coming

  40. Matiaza says:

    When Esfandiari turns into Hellmuth

  41. timtrfny timtrfny says:

    "I know you had a flush draw on the flop"
    Pays off flush…

  42. Esteve King says:

    Poker pros when there commentators say something like this Antonio should be able to know his hand at this point only has a bluff catcher but Antonio still calls , well he must of misread what Perkins had. Lol poker pros are just like the rest of us but are given way to much credit for there play. If Antonio really thought Perkins raised with a flush draw then why pay him off?

  43. HeadsUpMaster says:

    @pokergo I cannot find this seaon which number is it

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