17 thoughts on “Is The Border On line casino well worth the hype? $10 Freedom Reel $25 Crimson Ruby”
  1. Randyslots says:

    Great! Nice!


    Like that you guys will post raw / real videos . (not just of winnings )

  3. Steve Sosa says:

    I had good luck with 2 dollar slots in high roller room

  4. Howard Lowe says:

    The Border Line has always had good payouts, so I bet you have more Luck next time.

  5. Edward Lazo says:

    Whe re is this casino at?

  6. Sego’s slot channel says:

    Is that casino smoke free now? Or still smoky as heck I couldn’t even breath in there. Lol..

  7. KeiKay58 says:

    I wasn't real crazy about that new casino. I was losing there, then went to Madrid in Winstar and won it all back.

  8. George Angel says:

    T.y what's the most you've hit on a single machine?

  9. C&A Slots says:

    Better luck next time, we did better on the $5 polar high roller and lucky ducky than anything else there this weekend, it was tough but we managed to break even, that's a win in my book

  10. armand acosta says:

    hope u win next time , I won a jackpot on that American eagle one in that corner $20 spin got 3200

  11. armand acosta says:

    security needs to shut the fuck up

  12. fullupper says:

    All casinos are very tight at the present time because they know all that tax refund money is out there and they want their unfair share of it . , we have two new owners of old casinos and they have made the slots so tight , that you will need a court order to loosen them up . 🙂

  13. Low Roller Hubby says:

    Those machines were really tight. Where is that casino?Good luck next time. Headed to OK in a couple of weeks to Choctaw

  14. Waterburner Zero Six says:

    You'll kick some mouse azz, as Al Bundy once said.
    Next time, show a lil more of this new Casino, if you're allowed.
    Thanks for sharing y'all's spins.
    And as always,
    Here's Lookin Forward To Fantastic New Casino Winnin Spins, Down the Road..

  15. slotmachineluv says:

    Will revenge next time

  16. Bl4ck B3auty says:

    Hope you guys have better luck next time!

  17. Being Marilyn Gail says:

    It's always fun to try a new casino. There's one out here that added a hotel and restaurants. I want to try the restaurants. Well, good luck next time.

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