25 thoughts on “Is This Phil Hellmuth's Worst Conduct?”
  1. Luke Shackleton says:

    Hellmuth suggesting Viffer looks ridiculous with that hairstyle, that’s some white magic right there Phil. Never a slowroll too.

  2. Richard Fung says:

    Baxster doesnt look like he gives a shit I love it

  3. 380_pound_black_woman's_stool_sample says:

    Close your eyes and imagine a tightened economy and PH slowly donking off his fortune. Now imagine him greeting you next time you shop at Walmart.

  4. Jerry Burger says:

    He does this shit on purpose to get on youtube, he wants all the attention on him.

  5. Denis Folcik says:

    "Hellmouth" has the nerves and esteem of a 16 year old emo boy on Myspace in the 90s, who is part of a family worth millions. Woah is me, why is everyone against me, oh my life is so bad.

    I really hope he acts that way as an act. Since as good of a player he is, if that's how he really is, he is a douchenozzle.

  6. steve matthews says:

    phil .. nothing but a pussy

  7. lym boy says:

    I totally understand his frustration. I play poker in American card room. I lost all the time..it made me frustrated a lot.why do my opponents have to hit a set most of the time I am all in…i ask my self..i acknowledges that I am a very bad player and not a lucky person..i lost most of the time all in with a better hand before the flop

  8. Max Terry says:

    No I think you bring the guy to lose $30k is looking ridiculous after the way you played that pot

  9. Jerry Sullivan says:

    9/10 vs kings and your ass hurt cuz you played it, then paid off the kinds. Phil is a idiot

  10. Daniel Son says:

    That is not a slow roll homie

  11. Nub Gaming says:

    Poker is bad if u lose

  12. Trey H says:

    He showed his hand quite quickly, in no world is that a slowroll. That said, announcing 2 pair was slightly pointless, since Phil pretty obviously holds 2 pair or better.

  13. Indrid Cold says:

    Phil made himself look ridiculous here

  14. Delusion People says:

    This comment is full of amateur..in pro player perspective , baxter should realize that KK is 100% win against phill calling range on the river..
    Hands that beat KK on that spot always raise and never call

    Phill mistake was he forgot that baxter is an amateur..like phill said..only pro know its a slowroll

    Amateur like u guys never understand

  15. Nico Jeffery says:

    Hellmuth is a sook no slow roll there at all he's better than that

  16. Guillaume B says:

    He was already mad because of Viffer earlier lol

  17. OJuggernautO says:

    Phil had nothing to get mad at. Baxter played well and had a great hand. Phil couldn’t do his normal complaining about how bad the opponent played or how lucky he got. So he had to invent something to get mad at. This is obviously not a slowroll, everyone knows it including Phil.

  18. Trebinje 87 says:

    This is bad behaviour but not even close the worst!

  19. ewallt says:

    He could have a 9 with a better kicker. Apparently Phil was upset because he thought “two pair” meant he had won the pot, but there was no reason for him to think that. Was he going to bet a two pair hand that Phil could beat for three streets?

  20. Storm says:

    Phil should be fined for his ranting bs. This guy doesn't have to tell you s***. To be a multimillionaire at the sport and still crying means he needs meds.

  21. Imraan Bulbulia says:

    Wow Phil was completely out of line like usual

  22. twown says:

    Baxter shows aggression on every street. What two pair did Phil think he was beating?

  23. Max Johnson says:

    I bet hellmuth would have just called the river with a 3 too

  24. Jason Ferrara says:

    He’s an awesome player but WHAT A DICK !
    Always entertaining and great for tv, but poor “Silent” Mike Baxter, guy did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG and Phil attacks him. Screw him!!

  25. Automatic1653 says:

    What is Phil saying here? I'm really trying to understand why he thinks this is a slow roll… So if the guy didn't say anything, and then turned over 2 kings, that would have been ok? But because he said "2 pair" like half a second before he turned his kings over, then THAT'S a slow roll? Is there anyone who thinks that Phil has a legitimate argument here? I'm seriously trying to understand, cuz I don't want to slow roll anyone…

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