22 thoughts on “It's me. I'm the Fish on the Desk. – Poker Vlog (VPV39)”
  1. Canh Phan says:

    King ten of hearts never fold there lol

  2. V says:

    Great content and not ready to call you Dori yet. 😉

  3. George Jing says:

    I had exactly 22 on a similar hand, limp on the button to set mine. Flop the set and I bet, Villain turns a straight and value bets, I call. River is a 5 that pairs the board. I go all in and Villain, who is a regular, folds. Feels super similar. Have been running badly recently and taking a break but it's reassuring knowing that there are so many spots to learn from/plays to respect even when its frustrating/feels like VPIP is always 100% at 52 social.

  4. Road to one million Beast says:

    Got bored half way… you dont really have to show every hands you play. Especially ones that people keep folding. I see many hands that shows nothing and is still in the vlog. I think you should limit down to “interesting hands”

  5. travis coates says:

    Godamn Andrew that QJ hand was nauseating…Sick

  6. Philip Blakeley says:

    Why was the guy in seat 9 exempt from wearing a mask? What made him different from everyone else? Why did the multiple dealers allow it?

  7. mark buonagura says:

    great vlog. Love the introspection. If you are not learning all the time, then you are falling behind.

  8. Asher Reboh says:

    Gotta see a turn with the suited K10, pot odds mixed with some back food equity, you may be losing value there. Likelihood of sets are probable but it’s also such a draw heavy board.

    Also betting just over pot when you flopped too 2 with the QJ hand is a bit big even giving the amount of people in the hand. As you said previously in that spot you’re most liking only getting called by better. I know you felt you were up against a set, but hey that’s poker and next time you might fold it.

    Otherwise great vid great plays looking forward to more play !

  9. freaky frank says:

    ace deuce,ace six, you throw away ace nine, you are playing way too many weak hands , please start playing better and do not give your money away. Start playing tighter and GET UP AND LEAVE when you get ahead, BTW, i enjoyed your post and thank you, peace and love from sunny Colorado

  10. Joshua Trevino says:

    Poker bros?

  11. Phong Giang says:

    Let me get some money f$$ker?? ¿??????

  12. Rich Rosa says:

    What’s your nickname on PokerBros?

  13. Fish Poker says:

    No, im the fish at the table 🙁

  14. Andrew Miller says:

    your value bet sizing is so incredibly large that no one will ever pay you off with these sizings. You 6 or 7x the bet or even the pot. Its Insane. You want worse to call you then why make it so big????

  15. Al Woolum says:

    I like your explanations of bet sizing and overall strategy on each hand. It has helped me in my cash games in Dallas and at the Winstar Casino.

  16. Joe Wilson says:

    Always love your post. You make it real. Best of luck

  17. Stratos Nicolaidis says:

    i would like to go over a hand with u..
    playing, 5, 5 straddle $10. i have $1200 in my stack..
    i am on the button 8 players on the table..
    action goes
    sb. $5 bb.$5 straddle.$10 fp call .$10 fold .. fold.. raise $50.. my turn.. i have ace queen hearts i re raise $200.. goes sb fold.. b.bfold. straddle calls.. fold.. original raiser calls..
    about $630 in pot..
    flop AD, 3H, 10C.
    THEN GOES CHECK. check.. check..
    turn jh. THEN GOES . check. bet $300.. i call $300. fold..
    i have about $700 left.
    river. 3 s.. so board is AD.. 3H.. 10C.. JH.. 8S..
    player goes all in for $400 ish. yes i cover him bearly
    i call..
    he shows A. 8 . HE RIVERED ME 2 PAIR.

  18. Minneapolis Mike H says:

    Does Wes Cutshall play with you? Where did that guy go?

  19. Timothy Burke says:

    Dude these are really good vlogs. Your personality comes through and you come across as a good person and are completely honest about your play. Keep doing what you are doing, people will find you.

  20. Ben Blasdell says:

    A word of advice (from mostly bad experience), try not to play big pots out of position. When yo call those small bets … it leads to very bad results….the good does not out weigh the bad

  21. Chris Brown says:

    My buddy Robert hit a bad beat with 5-2 clubs beating quad fours. Don't worry about being a fish in one session. You are learning your game better and remember it is really just one long game with occasional breaks at home.

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