30 thoughts on “Jackpot At Prairie Meadows On line casino!”
  1. bb123 says:

    Fanx for nothing tiger

  2. Jeff Godzuke says:

    Who's a crazier gambler me a diabetic inhaling sour patch kids as I watch or this guy?

  3. Lori B says:

    I'd be very interested in a clock in the videos, to see the time of these wins.

  4. hammer d says:

    You are uneak one of a kind very real funny too. This is why you stand out from all the other slot channels love you your sister from Rockford Il . Ps we are going to get a Hard rock with in the next two years

  5. Ray Chen says:

    Damn!!! Do ever lose?!? I have to follow your betting strategy next time.

    How do you pick the machines you want to play? Every time I play here in Australia I wouldn’t even get a bonus/feature in 50-100 spins.

  6. skylar petty says:

    I love Ocean magic. It just doesn't like me as much as you. Your high limit Ocean Magic sessions have been epic too. Great skillz. Thanks for the great videos. We all appreciate the hard work you put into your channels.

  7. Ron Williams says:

    Holy crap those first 3 bonus/jackpots…. SO FAST!!!!

  8. Nicholas Chavez says:

    Handsomest slot dude ever!

  9. Adam Deutsch says:

    If all this winning has something to do with your player card level… I hope to God you bankrupt the shit out of casinos.

  10. Kommin 515 says:

    Where's the jackpot?

  11. Brian Tyler says:

    Alligator basterrrrd. GurellaBaStErDssszzzzss. DANCE KITTY DANCE

  12. Kosala Sar says:

    Hi dear good videos good skills.

  13. ERIC S says:

    This session just proves that Detroit casinos suck ass

  14. Lisa Allthesame says:


  15. Allison Davis says:

    Very fun video!

  16. Mary Allen says:

    Brian, You got the touch.
    Why would anyone leave all those Bubbles & Coins.
    Lucky You!!
    Ma'am, you need a Red Bull?
    Too Funny.

  17. TheMstoth says:

    Dont you think on the ninja you should have just taken the first double or nothing and found another superchance machine?

  18. Past Care-ington says:

    Kitty! finally get to watch your veedeeo!

  19. artvandelay1967 says:

    the SDGuy baking channel… Im thinking it involves cakes shaped like dicks right?

  20. Sara Aille says:

    I fucking love you.

  21. Christine Benson says:

    I was hoping for a "that's why you break the God Damn Rules!" After Ocean magic grand.

    Was also expecting a watch the master…baiter joke, but no.

  22. Matt Bailey Plays the Slots! says:

    I'll join you on loving Ocean Magic Grand!

  23. Gdlk Abe says:

    Thanks for always showing the wind and the losses!

  24. Corey Poe says:

    Stopping skills for days!!

  25. Maureen Byrne says:

    Ma'am do you need a Red Bull. Holy crap that was hilarious

  26. Kj says:

    Greetings to everyone!

  27. Chad Debuff says:

    That was some nice bubbles you had there

  28. Al k says:

    best slot player to watch!!

  29. Liliana Alvarez says:

    Nice congrats

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