38 thoughts on “Jackpot handpay LIVE! SLOTS at San Manuel On line casino!”
  1. H. Shaw says:

    Congratulations on the handpay jackpot!

  2. Troy Larson says:

    I cannot win on those games. EVER

  3. BnK Jonesy says:

    HeFrom Carson cali

  4. Pa Slot Player says:

    Wild Wild by Aristocrat
    The wind up after 2 wilds in column 1 and 2 , or after 2 free games symbols; the wind up travels nearly 1 reel revolution. If you can see the symbol, it will come back into the playfield.

    Will wait for video confirmation.

  5. Joseph Cullings says:

    Go get 'em buddy!

  6. Joe Newman says:

    Wow I would complain like crazy if I waited that long for a hand pay there's no accuse for that thats bad business on there part

  7. Joe Newman says:

    You always have great live streams can you tell me what the tell is on wild wild pleeeease

  8. Tracey Stevens says:

    The fan just said your are the WILD WILD man and you got a handpay.

  9. San Manuel Casino says:

    Congrats on the win!

  10. Art Pili says:

    Hey Neil, were you in line at Rock n Brews to pick up your food yesterday, May 1, at around 4 – 5pm? I was playing Dragon Link and I thought that was you in line.

  11. Jeanette Brandon says:

    I never play $1 slots, but I've seen you do well on them. So I played 88 Fortunes $1 denom $8 spins and won 269 on a wager saver bonus.

  12. karen Myers says:

    Win Big

  13. Jesus De Los Santos says:

    I like your videos but they are very discouraging to me because it seems that the only way I will ever win a huge jjackpot of any kind is to bet 20 to 100 dollars a hit and I simply couldn't afford to do this very thing. So I suppose it reinforces my thinking that I have no place in a casino betting on Slot machines.

  14. Benjamin y Rosy Chacon says:

    Hello there… love watching ur videos

  15. Benjamin y Rosy Chacon says:

    Good luck, we are new….

  16. deborah perryman says:

    Darn I missed the livestream, congrats on your jackpot wiin

  17. Hampton Michael says:


  18. gigil1212 says:

    When will you be going back to Chumash?

  19. Rowena Grinsam says:

    You should only reveal the wild wild secret at 777k sub.

  20. gladys victor says:

    Wish you luck from corona ca

  21. Carol Ann says:

    I really like watching you thanks for entertaining me

  22. Janice Walton says:

    Yes I love seeing you play the wild wild

  23. Nancy Smith says:

    Loved the video.

  24. Sherry Alexander says:

    Love your live play!!!

  25. Sherry Alexander says:

    Love watching your live play! Thx

  26. NG Slot says:

    Congrats man ! That was nuts 200x Rare number !

  27. Ellie M says:

    Congratulations on yet ANOTHER wild wild jackpot! That’s awesome

  28. Morongobill's Channel says:

    The maker of the Winners Bank has come up with a new Neilly 777 model- the Winners Safe with the words Wild Wild engraved on it.

  29. Black Jackpots says:

    Great video love to watch your content

  30. Melissa Bratton says:

    Love you video's

  31. Devin Thompson says:

    you are literally the only one who has any luck on those samurai/tarzan games

  32. Michael McClary says:

    How can you tell when the samurai is going to hit??m

  33. Lana Spurlock says:

    How can I find you on Facebook

  34. lake Congamond says:

    I usually join the live stream but didn't get a notification even though I'm subscribed. Wanted to let you know there might be a problem.

  35. Maggie Durham says:

    Hell From mid Hudson Valley New York

  36. Marlena Leeders says:

    I see only 2 in chat

  37. Marlena Leeders says:

    Hello from Missouri

  38. SallyMayBaby says:

    Hi there, good luck!

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