13 thoughts on “Jade Monkey slot bonus win at Parx On line casino.”
  1. Jocelyn Mae says:

    your pretty much right. You need to find an awesome casio. This one rocks, best I've found. Made a killing last week! Go here and sign up >>> bit.ly/QtDYlr?=lnnjda

  2. Jennifer Whitley says:

    Great win! Glad you got those 10 extra spins, those really helped.

  3. usha ramlogan says:

    dis bonus is very difficult to get

  4. eydieaz slots says:

    Nice bonus! Not an easy game to find anymore!

  5. P2000Camaro says:

    Dude! Veryyy nice!!!! I've never seen this game before, I'll have to look for it.

  6. LibraDoll10 says:

    Excellent Win! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. spcsinger21 says:

    very nice!!….will have to give this game a try next time I see it

  8. lastsamweiss says:

    Great picking and sweet bonus

  9. Casinomannj - Creative Slot Machine Bonus Videos says:

    Awesome bonus. Your $2.00 bet paid off.

  10. Thechill12 says:

    Love this machine, also love Jade Elephant, love your videos keep posting.

  11. The Shamus of Slots says:

    One of the best classic math models ever! Great bonus!

  12. stephenc44 says:

    Nice one!! 100x!

  13. k oneal777 says:

    Great thanks for sharing

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