1. Fruity Slots - Casino Streamers says:

    Jammin jars 2 Slot review here >>>>>> https://fruityslots.com/slots/jammin-jars-2/

  2. Slots&SneaksHyperfuse says:

    I love all you guys just letting ya all know

  3. Gavin Green says:

    Waited till the end and froze ppl not gonna be happy lol

  4. Eskimo Rebel says:

    Most real money you have ever used!

  5. lee clark says:

    It won't be long before we see some monster wins in this, then gets a 4x win. How much you getting paid for this vid?

  6. Graeme Mackie says:

    Bgt.are crooked as fuck

  7. willoxXxXx says:

    so you lost 1100x until the super bonus hmm could be even more i guess

  8. Holty2k6 says:

    this new game looks a bit shocking but only time will tell i guess

  9. Chris Brazil says:

    Not sure if I missed it but is the golden vinyl giga feature thing per stake, average stake or can it be built up on 20p and play last at higher stake like wild swarm?

  10. jayballuk says:

    I'm guessing because it's freezing at MAX chances are they haven't finished the game yet. I'm not convinced so far to be fair.

  11. barry Witt says:

    Pmsl think I’ll give that a miss then lol

  12. Kalle Kallenen says:

    so it is another BTG wreck you balance by hunting the giga jar feature. Costs freaking 1000x to grind it on a 1 quid and pays what…

  13. natasha begley says:

    Load of pish

  14. euan clinkscale says:

    always loved jammin jars and yes it can be brutal to bonus.
    i felt gutted when it froze and was only watching for the 25 mins of the video, so you must be throwing shit when you grinded it and froze..haha…lets hope it don't freeze when your playing it with English baked or eureeenies….you managed to explain the game thoroughly though scotty..,,good watch..cheers

  15. JayF says:

    Looks shite!!

  16. Mrs PJ says:

    I was looking forward to seeing the gold bonus after that grind such a shame we didn't get to see the potential of it for the average player if they were to grind it, however I am looking forward to fruityslots live streams playing JJ2 and grinding see what you can hit. Looks like this game has great potential and from the video bonuses more often the JJ1 but I do feel like the coin symbols would be a potential blocker, nevertheless looks great. thanks for showcasing this ive been excited to see it.

  17. GETITUPYA123 says:

    Also why you not playing it for real money?

  18. Darren Champion says:

    Where can you play this for fun?

  19. wayne williamson says:

    been looking forward to this but doesnt make me look forward to it any longer lol

  20. Stephen Pickerill says:

    Jury is out. Looks like it could rinse bad and pay nothing when you get the bonus often. Will wait and see how people get on when it’s released before giving it a serious go.

  21. garry easton says:

    Not too keen on this 1 always find push games hard to get return on

  22. Peter Greene says:

    Another game for the steamers and 25,000 buy lad's, doesn't look like like a game for the average person that only can spend 50 quid or so on deposits unless u get very very lucky suspose that's t dream to hit big even though near impossible, that's gambling folks

  23. Kyle Gulliver says:

    Those coins bloke to much clusters dont like this second one the original is the best for surr

  24. gerard short says:

    Bloody typical that Scotty

  25. matthew smith says:

    Too much going on. The giga jar grind so boring, and surely not achievable for most slot players? Hours of play on 1 slot.

  26. Simon B says:

    Thanks for the demo, looks like it is going to be SOOOO Volatile !!!!

  27. Scott Slots says:

    Stoked to play this game. Looks like it could go major Garrys

  28. kelvin says:

    i think THIS SLOT wil be fruitys 100k win

  29. Paul Hosken says:

    It's safe to say I won't be attempting the big bonus grind on this slot but thanks for the vid

  30. Sy Soldier82 says:

    2nd of June… "so a couple of months to wait" hmmm..quick math then Scotty 🙂 🙂

  31. Jamie Bagnall says:

    Pritty sure this will be game of the year looks insane

  32. Dyllan says:

    Sorry. It's a load of gash. Yet another Garga Clone.

  33. Ratfoxcat 1 says:

    Just to put things into perspective, I played demo on low stakes as I normally play on 20p. it took 4 hours 5 mins to Get the gigajar bonus which paid 240x. Start balance £10,000 end balance £9678 so imagine this on a higher stake, it can burn your money.

  34. Paula Nixon says:

    For every potential monster hit there are going to be an awful lot of really bad bonuses. Enormous potential but so volly. Great demo Scotty

  35. Natasha Mcneil says:

    Its a pomegranate lol

  36. Derek Achora says:

    Scotty you look like you’ve dropped some timber lad!! Keep it up

  37. Nick Bradley says:

    Lemme warm up for the live stream:
    Massive Pomegranate!

    Hmmm…doesn't feel the same, we'll see.

  38. Andy Key says:

    I can see the coins will add something different like Razor Shark (especially if they have a multiplier or two) but they seem to block quite a few clusters and big wins.

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