44 thoughts on “Jason Koon Performs Poker on a Completely different Stage!”
  1. PokerGO says:

    Watch High Stakes Duel II live today at 8pm ET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj0DINo2qB4&t=0s

  2. CribNotes says:

    Easy fold

  3. Clutch 14 says:

    Whats going on can someone explain? He is not winning, how is that impressive? (guy who is new to poker).

  4. Marcin Turek says:

    What's special is here. Just good fold. Nothing special here. A lot of hands will beat him include A6+ or higher, pocket sixes, pocket nines, pocket queens. 11 hands all together could beat him.

  5. Larry Cimarelli says:

    From his comments his kicker kept him from calling.

  6. Nguyen Tien says:

    if this is a surprising fold to you then you definitely shouldn't play Poker

  7. Web User says:

    How is set of queens better? Koon had set of aces

  8. NobleWarrior 88 says:

    Is it THAT impressive though? Once he shoves the River what can Koon actually beat?

  9. Jordan A says:

    So many hands beat his, I don't think it's that tough of a fold. Pollak bet the flop. If he had A 10 or J it would be much harder fold

  10. Huy Nguyen says:

    Easy fold– No kicker! Best case hope it was a bluff if you call!

  11. Sean Gallagher says:

    Meh… bigger kicker he prob calls

  12. Some Random Dude says:

    Obviously Koon thought he was out kicked (AK, AJ, A10… etc), not that Pollak had a boat. Still a crazy fold

  13. polychenko says:

    Does he always fold this? ( If so isn't he exploitable?)

  14. Florian Dijkhuizen says:

    expected a bit harder laydown… he still has lowest kicker ever

  15. amomymous mymous says:

    Not a hard fold. Pollack is a rock. Billion combos beating him. He said worst trips. He knows he s beat by so many combos. Not a hard one sorry and I've played with Pollack and co in main events.

  16. Allen Kessler says:

    Easy fold. Misleading bait title. A2 beats nothing.

  17. Tavares Morales says:

    Because of the 2 is how!

  18. scbluesman13 says:

    Koon may have lucked out a little bit here by not having any time extensions left. Had he had the ability to ponder the situation a little while longer he might have talked himself into a call. Either way, great play on his part.

  19. Seelantha kangaha Arachchi says:

    he was only beating a bluff……

  20. Brian McGovern says:

    Makes sense really. Not beating any ace. Chopping with A2,3,4,5 and losing to A-6,9,10,J,Q,, pocket 6s, pocket 9s, pocket qs.4 Hands chopping, 8 hands losing. Given we did not see the pre flop action, most pros are not moving all in with anything less than an ace in the hand or with a hand that JK is beating. Still , I would probably not be able to fold.

  21. liverpool legend steve says:

    It had to be the kicker thats why he folded

  22. Ramtin Rezazadeh says:

    He think he had a ace with better kicker

  23. nuenen75 ehv says:

    He had a bluffcatcher

  24. Heet Shah says:

    All I could think is he folded because he had a small kicker.

  25. CerealMilK says:

    Yes it was a great fold but it wasn’t the best. If I had a million dollars on the line I might’ve folded that. AQ AK are all possibilities. Great fold but wasn’t insane

    Edit : I stand corrected. After looking at stack sizes and the 1:3 odds, it was an insanely fantastic fold lol, not just a great one.

  26. Larry Underwood says:

    Not that hard , he only beats a bluff

  27. Patty Baselines says:


  28. Aaron Fortin says:

    It's definitely crazy how fast he laid it down, but he knew as soon as Pollock jammed he was beat. He didn't need more time.

  29. Kevin Tran says:

    I'm guessing he put Pollack on an Ace with a higher kicker. Not completely inconceivable to make that fold but still impressive.

  30. Vahan Gueyikyan says:

    most likely he tought that Pollak had AK ,AQ or A9 something with aces not full house

  31. Garrand's Motorsports says:

    its not that great of a fold lmao!

  32. John Kim says:

    Easy fold base on ××××

  33. Game.ru. Games. says:

    no one bluffs in that spot, he has no kicker, different level my ass

  34. ALY R says:

    Easiest lay down. Just look at his face, he's so confident. He would never make a bluff like that.

  35. Vincent Tan says:

    Thats an Easy fold, What the hell do you mean by how did he fold his A2. Theres 10 other hands in that board that beat him.. And Any A beats him

  36. Mickey Mouse says:

    Hellmuth made easy fold here

  37. Julio Bustos says:

    Really? Only 30 seconds to make a decision on a Heads-Up Final Table? Criminal.

  38. MR SALT says:

    So he folded a weak bluffcatcher n1 lul

  39. Jackie Alisch says:

    Last night, guy raises to 15 I have queens, I raise to 70, he pushes his whole stack in (1200). I ranked forever then came to the conclusion it wasn’t aces or kings because he wouldn’t raise so much- he would want to be called. It felt like ace king. So I called. Board was 2 4 3 5 10. He had ace king. I wanted to throw up.

  40. JinG Oneli says:

    i once had the excact same spot on a live final table … aaaaand… i busted in 3rd… all my friends then just went off on me like the chatpros.. eazy fold eazy fold… well .. i guess so… lol

  41. Hillary Sanderson says:

    Cmon..A 2 not really LOVING THAT SPOT. It becomes a bluff catcher. Koon has so many great plays..especially Shortdeck

  42. George Calder says:

    If your instincts tell you are beat then fold. Take the emotions out and listen to yourself.

  43. George Calder says:

    Protect protect protect always.

  44. Sam Finn says:

    The thing the top pros can do is calmly and rationally make the right decision. This often is a fold, as it can’t really be a bluff.

    The difference btwn Koon and some guy playing a 500 dollar final table is that the lower stakes guy wouldn’t be able to think rationally, wouldn’t be able to get over feeling sorry for himself/herself that they got outdrawn and just out the money in dead.

    Great understanding of the situation

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