43 thoughts on “Jean Paul jumps the On line casino in an INSANE Stunt | GTA Roleplay”
  1. Kou Vang says:

    Is there any strip club or night club in rp? I want to be a bouncer lol

  2. BilElSicario says:

    0:20 NO NO NO PepeLaugh

  3. The Stalker says:

    What is the name of that new Pepe emote with the sunglasses chat used at 10:04?

  4. Rocky says:

    Next time they need to have like 4 ppl shoot flares in the sky at the same time!

  5. JokuVaaPW says:


  6. poompus says:

    bro his chat really tryna get him banned

  7. That Logan Guy says:

    Most wholesome vid

  8. Dylan Dailey says:

    Everyone like the villagers when Naruto defeated Pain

  9. curbman88 says:

    Is he Jean Paul or is he X?

  10. Steezy dc says:

    The amount of internet doctors here is absolute LUL!

  11. Raymond Osburn says:

    Around 27:20 you can see Trunks!

  12. Turkey Bert says:

    This just proves that without XQC GTA RP is boring as fuck. Glad to have him back

  13. ThatCookieCOw says:

    Your actually the main character

  14. Karma says:

    Anyone who calls this madlad juicer a toxic and horrible person should go back to watching their family friendly content creators. Because they're too soft. Sure, he's a short tempered tryhard, but he is honest about it and knows he's like that, and he always delivers in terms of content. Half the time the shit he does is just content anyway, and that's one of the reasons he doesn't filter himself.

  15. Inflammatory comments with notifs off says:

    That Mercedes-Benz four door is sick. Dream car of mine.

  16. vandry says:

    Content machine xqcL

  17. Mental Glitch says:

    X is an icon! He starts from scratch and always gets back to the top!

  18. McGinnis 34 says:

    I fucking hate how molly always “appears” out of no where. I’m sick of that bullshit.

  19. Lil Goop says:

    God damn good feelings all around in this vid

  20. hot bread says:

    can someone tell me why x isn’t as close to dundee anymore? they still hang but it’s not the same as before… x always seems annoyed with him even though he’s not bad at all he’s hilarious. hope it’s not cause x feels like he’s better or something now and thinks dundee brings because that’s not true… he’s been there from the start and always has x’s back even when drama happens

  21. Ben Siler says:

    DEN xqcL

  22. Makaio says:

    somehow it was wholesome when evereyone freaked out and he landed lol

  23. pjeter wilderer says:

    whole server are weirdos

  24. Alexis Ponce says:

    bro this is dope ass event its like the fortnite event but locally

  25. Lightningfun 64 says:


  26. djyekas says:

    They spelled CAZINO wrong in the title

  27. Andrew Boyd says:

    Reminds me as a kid watching Evel Knievel. Awesome jump!

  28. Galaxy_World says:

    What game is thisss

  29. M. E.H. says:


  30. big chubb says:

    "Insane" ,i was on the edge of my seat fr ,but nahh do it without the ramp starting from the highway

  31. zippo718 says:

    11:16 Yo that's some Top Gun shit right there

  32. zippo718 says:

    Actual warlord

  33. BLUEKNIGHT says:


  34. Red- Wolf2014 says:

    So he did a double jump landed it he got to announce the winner and on top of that he won 3 times at gampel he lost once bu he got a black jack i think lady luck smiling at x

  35. Antonio Rivera says:

    This was good!! Xqc, a true leader amongst men!

  36. Matt.Cook.Oregon says:

    I love this guy

  37. Ynohtna N says:

    more scripted admin roleplay to milk the xqc viewers

  38. Jared Fleischmann says:

    Crazy cool super stunt X

  39. Tulio Henrique says:


  40. dysen says:

    taco pov modCheck

  41. Matyi Nagy says:

    does anybody know the song at 9:40?

  42. Inder Club Podcast says:

    he now has 80k or what wtf

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