27 thoughts on “JEFF GROSS VS 7 POKER STREAMERS & SNG LEGEND – Who will WIN?”
  1. Kent Seeman says:

    always on fire

  2. Colin Payne says:

    So awesome!

  3. Charlott Groover says:

    Great episode!!!

  4. Nichol Wyche says:

    very nice

  5. Ziyaettin Bubuloglu says:

    Go Jeff!!! Rooting for you!!!

  6. Michael B says:

    Good stuff jamie staps is a beast and you up there too my friend

  7. Jake Danielson says:

    I ripped a 2 footer with doyle brunson

  8. Nery Escalona says:

    1010 vs Cou uffff! NH Twitch NMESES7

  9. Серый Белый says:

    Good luck – the client has downloaded, but I can't play yet. The mortgage does not allow you to make the first deposit ( nick: Pycc20 Twitch – tverskoy19

  10. musky addiction says:

    twitch name rdyandabl great vid brother

  11. BillyBonesPKR says:

    Good luck to all!
    Twitch billypkr

  12. PappyVanWinkle23 says:

    LFG JG !!! Twitch ID: PappyVanWinkle23

  13. Alexey Sviridov says:

    I am ready! Twitch Lafa_Ru

  14. Samuel Mistygatz says:

    Twitch Samerald

  15. Giovanni Cante says:

    Twicht cantemg

  16. Fabio Turbina says:

    Good luck everyone
    Good luck everyone

    Twitch nick_fabioturbina

    nick pp fabioturbina88

  17. option G says:

    Great video

  18. Alan Graham says:


  19. Klaus Laursen says:

    Twitch . I'm GiddyUp33 <3

  20. Adrian Dominguez says:

    I though you will be win it for sure, as well as the streamer royale, where zeros got lucky! Two fts against the best keep it up! Twitch: ene_77

  21. K. O. says:

    At 11:15 how could he not have KQ there?

  22. Lucas Leonardo Vera Lopez says:

    jeff and Courtney Gee mis favoritos!!
    Twitch user: nippurdelagashh

  23. zito zito says:

    You look so much like Sam Rockwell

  24. J rock says:

    Twitch ID: J2tharock2

  25. Manuel Montoya says:

    Great mate, Good run…!!!

  26. Максим Елизаров says:


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