13 thoughts on “Key West Poker Run 2020 – Episode 3”
  1. steve ross says:

    Great job as always, Stu! Are you going to be at Palm Beach Boat Show?

  2. INCVEND says:

    Like I said before when I grow up I want to be like Stu Jones!!! Nice job Stu!!!!!

  3. Henrik H Koch says:

    Would be cool with a speedometer sometimes in the corner..
    Really good video.

  4. PokerRun388 says:

    0:17 Such a beautiful boat! My goodness!

  5. Jack Huang says:

    Great show . Keep up the good work.

  6. Boat Work Play says:

    Great vid Stu. How much gas you burn on a run like this?

  7. Lisa Baxter says:

    2 year plan Stu, then were are joining FPC . looking forward

  8. Jeffrey Taylor says:

    The video bar has been raised. Future FPC participants will have expectations. I am sure you will meet them.

  9. FruitBasket says:

    You know it's South Florida when a cloudy day is all it takes to keep people off the water. If I stayed home when it was cloudy or slightly rainy outside I would never use my boat. Props to the people in this video for not worrying about a few clouds and a little bit of wind.

  10. Mark ward says:

    Great vid yet again Stu now I’m like a cat with the cream because I can got straight to the 2021 one you have just put on

  11. Brent Carlson says:

    Great Show as always!

  12. Mark ward says:

    These videos are better than any movie including porn

  13. mhix102 says:

    These videos are better than watching any movie!

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