4 thoughts on “Kilimanjaro slot machine bonus win at Parx On line casino”
  1. TheDerot says:

    haha yeah I know what you mean. Finding the right casino is key. I've used the same one for ages. I banked a ton with these guys. Join here: bit.ly/PZg8uo?=poaehl

  2. Rick's Travelogue says:

    @mavikalp77 – Here, IGT moves a lot better than Spielo. Some of their machines just move with weird pauses for no reason at all and some just don't pay out without a long and costly investment. Think of the main makers, IGT is among one of the tops, but that's just my opinion. I do think that some games are rushed without much creative thought.

  3. Doughman6499 says:

    another guys has this video posted, i figured he stole it

  4. buckinghamnicks1983 says:

    hopefully RI will get this one. You didn't win alot on it but I would like to try it. I LOVE the Kilimanjaro documentry the British did.

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