36 thoughts on “Lady Sues After On line casino Refuses To Hand Over $43M Jackpot”
  1. nigga joe says:

    I think its time to storm the casinos next, they dont payout, the beat people up and ban them for winning, how is this legal, because we let it be legal.

  2. Edward hickey says:

    Then they paid her 6500 dollars then.

  3. Tracy Morris says:

    they should pay her

  4. Mike Glasgow says:

    Sounds like Rick at PAWN STARS. The best I can do is a steak dinner and a pack of JUICY FRUIT. And I'm taking all the risk lol

  5. CAL says:

    This seems like a total gimmick to me! It seems as though the casinos, have created a variable out for themselves in the event that the jackpot is won. Very very sad very deceiving very dishonest!

  6. Don Rogers says:

    The standard is a ??????

  7. Saturnusplanetkraft says:

    If the machine really did malfunction it's their responsibility. If I pay for a service and don't receive it, I expect a refund.

  8. el diesel says:

    Lol, the casino and the Iowa Supreme Court are the same thing. The taxes the casino pays are the salaries of the judges. — This woman is like 50, she should know by now, the people in charge do whatever they want with no consequences.

  9. Fck Jo says:

    No theyre not scams.

  10. hunkey monkey says:

    The left "the machine is racist."

  11. J P says:

    So far what ever i lost in casino should be refunded as it was malfunctioned

  12. Scott Duffy says:

    That was one damn expensive steak!

  13. bohemoth1 says:


    Yes we must break the casinos.

  14. Adrian Metzler says:

    So they continue to use malfunctioning products? Who would believe such a scam? What the fuck?! I’d be so pissed off! I am actually passed off for her. Think of how much so many people lose, she finally hit and they get to pull the malfunction card?

  15. Brad hayes says:

    Casino needs to pay up!

  16. Peter Servon says:

    So ANY Casino can deny ANY payments by just saying the machine malfunctioned!

  17. Mahlik Thomas says:

    Yup I heard when you win that much at a casino you get it after most of everybody leaves which is heard in it's only half of the money not the full thing when you win that much

  18. Mini Surf says:

    BULLSHIT!!! Sue for $100million

  19. Lewis Williams says:

    What happened in the end ?

  20. Marcus Britton says:

    That steak looked like shit lol

  21. Real Love channel says:

    My problem is that they are saying malfunction on big jackpots !
    They are not playing fair with the patrons !

  22. DealtDeal says:

    Okay so by this news report it seems that she was scammed. But if you look it up, the slot machine she was playing, had a maximum jackpot of $6,500. She was playing a PENNY slot machine and there is no possible way for the winning to be more than $6,500. Instead she had only won $1.85 on that spin.

  23. JOSUE_ LENIN says:


  24. Gerald Martinez says:

    Am I watching bizaaro TMZ

  25. Nancy M says:

    machine must be racist

  26. Luke Gray says:

    I checked with a friend of mine who is in IT for igt and he says that she has no case no casino has 43,000,000 on hand unfortunately she has no case

  27. Jorge Toloza says:

    It's funny It never malfunctions when people loose,

  28. Tariqul Majumder says:

    I never play slot machines. Play blackjack and roulette.

  29. George Greene says:

    The only way to win at the casino,is to rob them.

  30. Melkor Morgoth says:

    So if I lose 10 million on a hand of Blackjack I can claim I malfunctioned??No???Then why hasnt that casino been raided and people put in PRISON???They owe that woman 43 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

  31. Justin says:

    Hope they giv her something

  32. Mark Gilbert says:

    I'd sue. It's not her fault. Casino is Responsible.

  33. Matt says:

    I mean cmon who wins millions on a slot machine

  34. John Smith. says:

    So they new it was malfunctioning and allowed people to keep shoving money in it. That’s still theft!!!

  35. John Smith. says:

    Well that’s great. The lottery will now start saying that to get out of paying.

  36. Christopher D says:

    How is this fair. I wold love to know if the machines ever malfunctioned when people lose?? Of course the Courts sided with Big Business. No surprise there.

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