20 thoughts on “Large Bass Bonanza 🐟 Slot BIG WIN 😱Bonus Hunt BACK TO BACK BONUS + EPIC four SCATTER BONUS 15 SPINS‼️😆”
  1. Adey James says:

    Handsome profit. This game is probably the best for bonusing. But that 4 scatter tho….Rude not to get to 2x 🙂

  2. Henrik Larsson says:

    Nice vid and great profit! 😀 And those insects are not mosquitos, they are dragonflies 😉

  3. Nicola Dilillo says:

    Buonasera Michael inspector gadget please by Italia

  4. afranck76 says:

    Good luck

  5. Comment 101 says:

    Good play

  6. Benjamin says:

    Never won shit on this slot

  7. Baby Migs19 says:

    Love the long big bass bonanza videos tony spinneroni was giving a lot of bonusrs

  8. Pyro- Flash says:

    I could watch the game for hours please more follow from billy

  9. Mark Stewart says:

    Nice session mate well done

  10. Shawn Patterson says:

    Nice profit mike!!!!!

  11. Nigel .Solanki says:

    It's a dragonfly not a mosquito!!!!!!

  12. lakostel lakostel says:

    you know michael this game is way too nerfed but it pays because you get extremely easily bonuses so thats a big worth bro

  13. Marc English says:

    Lipo thiop boooooommmmmmm

  14. Giuseppe Ceniccola says:

    Hahaha 150 euro mega win hahahaha; MICHAEL IS THE BEST

  15. It'sacoverup says:

    Great vid mate.

  16. Denese carruthers-hanif says:

    You could never bore us with these videos Micheal

  17. Joel Koh says:

    Hi Michael please make your videos longer like this! I love binge watching your longer videos !!

  18. Alan Graham says:

    Billy’s a douche

  19. Alan Graham says:

    Nice michael

  20. LFC_15xx says:

    I love your voice it’s too funny

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