22 thoughts on “Large Excessive Restrict Slot Play & HANDPAY JACKPOTS ! Las Vegas On line casino JACKPOTS”
  1. NG Slot says:

    High Limit Slots & JACKPOT : https://youtu.be/7mhmJbvSLXc

  2. clemente Hernandez says:

    I think this is really you spend too much money

  3. American Adventures America says:

    Every time. I play. I always. Winnnn. Buddyyy

  4. American Adventures America says:

    House always winnnnnnnnn

  5. American Adventures America says:

    Wow. They. Robbed. Ur. Pocket. Lolololo

  6. Best Sports Betting Bonuses- Go to BETOPIN๏NET says:

    A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

  7. Nassima G says:

    Since Covid slots machine are pretty tight everywhere

  8. Fabian Bermeo says:

    How the casino let u film inside with all those cameras around ?…..

  9. Florence Beasley says:

    Why are you so interested in 5 free games??? 5 free games ain't shit!

  10. RIP Life says:

    Awesome videos…always entertaining…keep em coming my friend!!

  11. Calliopi Vogiatzis says:

    I want to let you know that I've seen other slot channels where the wins are small and few and most of the spins are dead. Your channel is the top!

  12. Jose Serrano says:

    I wish I had money like that lol

  13. Allison C says:

    You are awesome dude!!!

  14. Mary Allen says:

    NG, Get out of the Casino. They want their $98,000 back.


    Not the best idea to be taking videos of other people in a casino.

  16. game mode says:

    NG get away from this shit things bro, you go in too deep it will mess you up.
    Wish you the best brother

  17. Timo Lemar says:

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  18. JR Allen says:

    Biggest winner in any casino is the govt., never put a penny in but get a slice of the pie whether it's you or the casino that wins….Now that's how you beat the casino's. I'm going to look into forming my own government.

  19. Elena Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for your hard work NG ❤️

  20. melih kumbasar says:

    Cig kofte gönderiyim lo?

  21. Stephanie Tabbada says:

    Fake president biden will take his money away and pay more tax. I hate irs.

  22. Sue Hammer says:

    They have to pay the light bill and build there hotels.

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