38 thoughts on “LARGEST POT OF MY LIFE AT GOLDEN NUGGET CASINO!! | Poker Vlog #43”
  1. Wolfgang Poker says:

    Next vlog is from the Wynn, subscribe to get notified when I post in the next few days!

  2. 18000rpm says:

    If Ethan didn't top up for no good reason (no point covering the "fish" if you're not willing to put it in), he may have been able to find a call and win that monster pot.

  3. paul maier says:

    you were a lot more than 82% to win that pot……more like 89%. the guy only had 5
    club outs.

  4. Alex Caldwell says:

    Dont quit bro. That happens to me always it never fails.

  5. Gavin Blakeway says:

    That will teach you for making the dealer count out his entire stack when you knew you were gonna fold all along .

  6. charles pak says:

    hahaha. tame for GN you should go there during WSOP. 3k buy for the 1 -2 game is on the low side. GOD do I miss GN

  7. Atlas Shrugged says:

    Love the videos, curious how many sessions did you play that trip and what was your overall result.

  8. Third Eye Liquidators says:

    Go back to the nugget and play deep af again

  9. Stratos Nicolaidis says:

    U DO REALISE if u had pushed all in on the turn when u had the flush
    he can not call u.. with just ace jack..

  10. Stratos Nicolaidis says:

    u said the right things in the 3 5 hand. no sets.. no flush.. no straights.. ok
    then why DID U NOT RAISE THE RIVER..

  11. Pete Zedlacher says:

    Been waiting for this episode after seeing it from Rampage’s perspective. Love the channel!

  12. Matt R says:

    Both this and Rampages video are great examples of why you dont buy into a $1/2 game for multiple thousands of dollars…
    If you are so deep, you can only call a jam with the absolute nuts, you have far too many Big Blinds on the table (too much money).
    Sometimes you are just going to need to call… even with the J10cc hand. If you have a reasonable amount of only 500 big blinds you can just ship it on the turn, and not have to make a tough decision.

    Like I get it… its great to have that much when you super cooler someone with Quads over a Full House or something, but its far more likely you will want to call with middle set on a kinda scary board or something like that, than super bad beat jackpot cooler.

  13. Edward Park says:

    You and Ethan played your hands correctly, in my opinion.

  14. Frank Geissler says:

    very bad check raise on the turn in that jts hand

  15. Henry Cruz says:

    What was the final loss total?

  16. David Burhans says:

    Great fold on the J-club hand; I go broke there.

  17. David Burhans says:

    love the 5, 3 hand

  18. Roger Qian says:

    Why you surprised he play aj like that he has the nut blocker

  19. John Martin says:

    you handled the big hand well brother!!! shit happens keep it pushing

  20. Richie Vegas says:

    did you buy your buddy a few shots folding out those KK's?

  21. King James says:

    One more video without the win/loss amount and I am going to unfollow.

  22. Skylar Hughey says:

    Kinda douchey to try and get his hand declared dead

  23. Chris says:

    you think that was disgusting haha you clearly haven't ran bad yet

  24. James Wilson says:

    This is my type of game

  25. Wadiya Talkinabeet says:

    Rampage needs to quit vlogging and quit playing. Should probably just quit at life while he’s at it

  26. Long Do says:

    Did you post the win/lost for this video? I didn’t see it at all

  27. Sir Judge says:

    So the 6,592 times we've watched people walk away from the table to speak with spectators during massive hands in WSOP hasn't taught us anything? The hand is LIVE!!! Total weak sauce to ask The Floor for a ruling on such drivel.

  28. 86 Poker says:

    can't wait to get back to Vegas

  29. Pat Ocall says:

    good stuff Alex, and now you know why most regs buy in for 100x the big blind and not more

  30. Daniel Yi says:

    And they say poker is dead

  31. Rickey R Bell says:


  32. coltspwnall18 says:

    The stupid amount of big stacks cost you on flush. If you are not so deep SPR clear jam with j10 of clubs not saying u did anything wrong just my assumption. If I was a dealer I would be annoyed with all the red chips. If people are 4k+ deep no need for 2k in red just slows down the game and makes it harder on big pots I'm suprised dealers dont lose their minds lol

  33. conqurr says:

    I think your underestimating the guy who got u. Cause the way I see it he played his hand perfect. Knowing that he had the ace of clubs.

  34. conqurr says:

    What Wolfie needed was a off suit 8that would have gave him the nuts. What if a club didn't come n the guy shoved all in would wolf have called with the 3rd nuts. The guy knew wolf couldn't have the nut clubs cause he had the ace n could represent the nuts.

  35. drdrayfromla99 says:

    That’s rough on the J-10 hand. Horrible river, he got bailed out big time.

  36. conqurr says:

    If he pushed all in on turn the guy would have folded.

  37. conqurr says:

    The turn gave the guy a up n down straight draw with the nut flush draw with the Jack and then Ace of clubs so he was drawing n like he said if he missed he was shoving all in. So him having he Ace of clubs gave him the nut blocker except for straight flush. M he could represent the nut flush with the ace of clubs.

  38. GWrench9 says:

    Queen of clubs on the river one time dealer!

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