27 thoughts on “😱 LAST SPIN Diamond Queen JACKPOT 💃 OMG!”
  1. Denise Brooks says:

    Congratulations on your Diamond Queen win

  2. crystallblueeyes says:

    Hbd. I spent my 40 th bday in Vegas too. Last year, 2-28-20. Hope you were as lucky as I was

  3. Richard Goldie says:

    Doesn’t sound like him lol

  4. Sean Kesinger says:

    Brian how did you like the Theme song I sang for you.

  5. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Beautiful ❤️

  6. Tanya Fredrickson says:

    Can you do a video explaining a day in a life of BC Slots and what Britt does with you and for you? Btw we love Britt and her giggles.

  7. Charlotte Nasise says:

    Congratulations Brian.

  8. Jules Warner says:

    I've never played and hope to one day!!!! xo

  9. Barbara Herrera says:

    Great jackpot on Diamond Queen Brian! Love your sound effects on Rakin Bacon.. too funny! Luck to you as always… waiting to see you get a Grand jackpot on Dollar Storm…

  10. Tammy Heffernan says:

    Great jackpot!!

  11. Sabrina Carten says:

    WTG Brian!!! Pre-birthday handpay!!

  12. Nadia Arda says:

    If I were you I would have not played the last game. The session has become tiring and boring. You guys should get out of casinos sometimes do something else. I get that it is your job but it is too much it is mind blowing time spending in casinos. There is a real world out there real problems that are people deal everyday and every minute. It feels like what is real what it is on reels all got mixed up in your world.

  13. Gary Mccaslin says:

    That Diamond Queen slot machine is awesome. I played that one before. The only problem is when you do get the games, You really have to get off it.

  14. Bhing Letada says:

    My husband wants to know when are you coming to Oklahoma Durant casino! We are coming to see you there

  15. Vanessa Otero says:

    Brian that was amazing. Congratulations on Diamond Queen. You are so funny. You make me laugh for the things you say.

  16. Lou Wally says:

    Goin wyld

  17. Laurie Picco says:

    Diamond Queen is the first bonus I ever received and loved it….#Woodbine Slots

  18. Charles or Beth Strine says:

    six days before the 26 much luck Beth NJ

  19. Nakeesha Jenkins says:

    Line it up!!!

  20. Sk Merwitz says:

    I won a 11thousand win playing 45 nickels

  21. Carol Webster says:

    Holy cow….no money left, last spin….can't get any better than that….congrats, soooo Fun!!

  22. TDF7777 says:

    Met BC & Britt at Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City I believe November 2019…It's all about timing!…First ever handpay today 2/20/21…Buffalo Gold Revolution…$2,369.00…15 buffalo heads…$1.50 bet…Caesars AC.

  23. AMAYA Explorer says:

    Nice bonus

  24. alex s says:


  25. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Nice job!!!

  26. Cj C says:


  27. Erin B. says:

    Brian that was the most incredible thing I have seen you do in so long!!! And on Diamond Queen?? That’s even more amazing! I love this game. I only wish I could have seen the entire expression on your face when you for one- got that bonus and then for two got that handpay!! Totally awesome!!

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