30 thoughts on “LATE STAGE STRATEGY Within the Cash! 6-Max On-line Poker Event”
  1. The Baseball Family says:

    Was this pocket 2s jam correct Dnegs? I would’ve limped because don’t want to be in a coin flip or crushed scenario . I’d want to put myself in better spots .

    That’s just me tho , like I wouldn’t want to grind for hours almost at final table and then jam 22 with 21 BBS. I agree if it was like 10-12 BB I’d jam but 21 ?

  2. graham grasdal says:

    I noticed they put an American flag by your name?

  3. Rafael Alves says:

    yoouuuuu crazzzzzzzzzy danielllllll

  4. Momma says:

    You’re the man daniel, i don’t know anything about poker but i’ve been watching you the last week. Time for me to start playing?

  5. John Robs says:

    Lmao he sounds like Doug polk he’s all on his high horse cost him a million dollars to learn the new age style he’s such a loser in life and a horrible person……Doug is your father

  6. The Fixer says:

    Watched your live streams. You know your shit but you slip into the gamblers mentality which puts you out of the tourneys you’ve been grinding while in Mexico.

  7. Ozymandias says:

    why bet so small in the river? what are you losing to? how many 9X do you have in your range after checking flop, betting turn, and leading out in river? when he calls on the turn I think he has at least a T. I’d bet bigger a little bigger on the river. You have the virtual nuts.

  8. Ashfaq Sheikh says:

    The way DNegs played, tournament poker is once again shown to be not skill, but pure luck.

  9. Carter Jones says:

    real money or nah? never knew about these types of things

  10. Timmy Ripkey says:


  11. Stefi Stefi says:

    Did he play this live?
    How he know that some of his opponents dont watch his card when he go live?

  12. James Rad says:

    It has become clear to me now that the top echelon of professional poker players just get better draws than anyone else xD

  13. Alex thedeal says:

    About new content…….
    The best you ever posted was the footage of you in that Czech, I think it was, hotel. You got to know a lot of people, went outside to shops, showed the game, talked about things. Viewers were really involved, that was amazing. If you could do that again would be great.

  14. Patrick Khalatians says:

    No word on losing to Phil hellmuth

  15. Ali Mousavi says:

    you play sooo bad with 22 daniel OMG

  16. Hiso Ka says:

    Hey. Sry for my english. I’ m french. Just a question. Its possible for you to publish sometimes your bluff fail or mistake and so why mistake ?
    Thank you and Go meet you one time when im gonna be a good player on a big tournament !

  17. Solomon G says:

    Thanks for sharing these! Love to see your thoughts process and have already become a better player as I play to many hands.

  18. aristideau says:

    sorry mate, but jamming 22o (with 22ish BB's) when you had at least 2 smaller stacks (7ish BB's) left was stupid. That cost you maybe 2 pay jumps / 000's.

  19. Alex Clarke says:

    The way a middle aged man has decided to call himself “dnegs” at this stage of his life is very cringing!!!

  20. ArturioR says:

    you run hot.. its rigged for the big rake players……????

  21. Vince Villani says:

    Jamming with 22 in small blind with 20+ bigs against bigger stack was not a good move..

  22. Mitchell MacDonald says:

    Trailer park boys is the greatest Canadian show ever made.

  23. dartek14 says:

    Yeah I watched for hours but you were tired and hungry and nobody jams deuces with 7 players left … you had folded many potentially better hands than that and were looking to go the distance. Many will agree you cashed out and fk the loyal live viewers. Not sure if I can do another live event with you. But you're still the greatest.

  24. John Relation says:

    I didn’t feel you were short enough to jam there. Why not let your skill play out a little longer

  25. 박윌슨 says:


  26. Elih Sifuentes says:

    All in with deuces? Even though I saw the outcome. Without seeing. It’s like probably not bro.

  27. Amata67471 says:

    You make me understand poker a little more, thanks. The fact i love is that you speak clearly and even non native speakers (as I) can understand you pretty easily. Love from France.

  28. Dani says:

    strongest player of all time, great Daniel!!

  29. Cantaloupe says:

    A million in chips!? Do they keep their own money? Or what

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