1. Chuck Gates says:

    Not on my bucket list.

  2. d landis says:

    NIce to see sunny skies while we in SF Bay Area suffer 50 degrees and fog most of the time -)

  3. Richard White says:

    Laughlin doesn't seem to be doing too well in terms of business. But neither is Vegas & Reno. We need to throw away these masks and open up the country!

  4. Angela R says:

    Was just there last week….there’s a turquoise bracelet with my name on it at the pioneer!!

  5. Dewy says:

    Thank you. Just went there a month ago

  6. john lamb says:

    Is Bullhead city right over the river a sketchy town

  7. Paul Bycroft says:

    I heard that the Colorado Belle is closed. Is it permanently closed or is it only temporary?

  8. Hitchin' a ride says:

    Did not know there was a Laughlin NV.. Thanks For the lift. Nice ride Have a great day

  9. Donald Pesch says:

    great place but it gets up to 122 in summer

  10. Mike S says:

    More like for drunks cause you really can’t get lost there unless you fall in the river and come out in Mexico

  11. Master RC-131 says:


  12. Me Me says:

    That place Looks like Vegas in 1980’s hehe.

  13. Bill Shaffer says:

    Nice video
    Thanks for showing us

  14. RON Luna says:

    Great video# 1

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