28 thoughts on “Lemmy’s touring slot machines”
  1. Anna Arthur says:

    A lot of ppl here in germany use them as a piggy bank at home. They throw some coins in, see the wheels/reels rolling and then they are done

  2. Drone master /Gemmy collector says:

    I have the same exact beast sapp slot machine but mine has a problem with the back lights on the wheels‘s

  3. dobythedog says:

    In the tv programme "Auf Wiedersehen Pet" where the gang are in Germany, you can see one of these machines in the bar.

  4. Simon Perry says:

    The best fruit machines are the British "puggies" from the 90s, found in pubs.
    They had great games, features and interactivity.
    The majority of ones I've played in other countries are just dumbed-way down for old grannies to hit play and there's no interactivity, or at least the illusion that you have some say in your gambling destiny.

  5. Flower_Tower says:

    Interesting, thank you for your efforts, enjoyed to a great extend!

  6. Dan Lewis says:

    My hypothesis is that somewhere within the body of your German device is a well hidden 'TILT' sensor that has to be cleared somehow. You certainly tilted it, wrestling it onto the table for us.
    You haven't fully fault traced it. I can understand why; it would take quite a while.

  7. Rena Kunisaki says:

    I wonder if those little silver balls are magnetic?

  8. chabka34 says:

    Dang I really wanted to see yours work

  9. MrJef06 says:

    You said the LEDs on the computer board indicated all was fine yet I see the top one is on, and is labeled "Normal aus – LED an bei Kurzschluss in der Lampenmatrix oder fehlendem Ansteuertakt" which translates to "Normally off – LED on if there is a short circuit in the lamp matrix or there is no control clock".

  10. David Evans says:

    Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Lose….. Ace of Spades…..
    As simple as that….
    To warm up his vocals before he went on stage, every time.

  11. yang hao says:

    Thanks for showing the Monster Hunter Machine. I didn't know they had one.

  12. therealxunil2 says:

    Interesting, but it'd be more impressive if they were Turing slot machines.

  13. Exidy YT says:

    This makes me want to bust out that Pinball simulator that was created and play me some Black Knight 2000. I never did get pachinko/slots. There was a rack of pachinko machines in my local arcade as a little kid but after 1 round of flicking metal balls to no benefit I could see, it was back to Time Pilot and Moon Cresta. 😉

  14. Naduron0 says:

    what?! a virtual game of that machine?! it be from the producers of those machine so the consumers can test their machine before they buy it

  15. Aaron Azazagoth says:

    Had many a shot with Lemmy at the Rainbow Room. He was constantly shoving quarters down those machines. He was a total gentleman and always had time for a good laugh. R.I.P. Lemmy!!!

  16. baianoise says:

    Motorhead !

  17. 8wealthyone8 says:

    great episode. make more of old arcades pls

  18. Rene Schickbauer says:

    "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!"

    "Your winnings, sir!"

  19. NightshadeCX5 says:

    Two of the best frontmen and a slot machine in the thumbnail, how could you not like this

  20. Mexie Mex says:

    I used to know Lemmy and have played a few of his machines, he actually had quite a collection.

  21. brooknet says:

    How amazing it was to see those wheel-based machines – I haven't seen the like before. I was into fruit machines when I was young and after I moved out of the family home, I decided to buy a large machine to decorate my new flat. After lugging it up 4 flights of stairs, I found that it didn't work and needed numerous repairs. Having no access to a service manual – and being quite useless at repairing electronics – it eventually fell into disrepair and I had to throw it out (the landlord complained – justifiably). It was made of plywood and chipboard, with lots of pine effect plastic. There were three large rotating wheels and many electromagnets. I wish that I'd kept it but in the pre-Internet age, I couldn't use it. Another sad tale from my youth.

  22. ZX Spectrum Hotel says:

    Moral code of Comunism's Builder forbade any gambling 🙁

  23. T.C.J B says:

    Well in Lemmy's own words "If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man".

  24. Jansen Art says:


  25. not_my_fn_real_name says:

    I lived in Germany for a few years and I love gambling on slots, so I tried one like this t6hinking it would be similar to the ones I was used to in America. The basic auto spin and lose functionality was not want I wanted to see. After watching the vid, I suppose I should have pushed the buttons faster.

  26. Foxjade VG says:

    As soon as he lifted the slot machine, I knew it'd be the first time I'd hear him swear, and then beep lol!!

  27. audioreviews says:

    Sehr gut! Hey, what lavalier mic do you use? Sound is very good.

  28. MissDatherinePierce says:

    Well that took me down memory road. These machines were definitely still common into the mid-2000s in Germany. I remember my dad playing on one of them whenever we got take out at that one place while waiting for the food to be ready. I never really understood the rules but I was fascinated by them and somehow I still am.

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