36 thoughts on “Let’s Win at A NEW On line casino! NEW Slots!”
  1. Jamie Murach says:

    It's free, just take it and Zip it…

  2. Kody Rafdahl says:

    1k dollars…effin coksakkaa lol

  3. Jerry Kline says:

    try knocking on the glass more

  4. The Turf Dr Landscaping says:

    Is he gay?

  5. bb123 says:

    BAHAHAHAHA our Mummy will love it

  6. Almons Montewhite says:

    What a move!!

  7. Scott Boyer says:

    Omg I heard K Jas interview, I laughed so hard with tears in eyes…lol. good one

  8. Rhonda Arthur says:

    The Madigras game.

  9. Rhonda Arthur says:

    Hello SDGuy, I haven't seen this game since I left Korea, thanks for playing this game. LOL

  10. cancel this says:

    Biden along with every other regressive had the minor and there younger siblings tied down and stretched out sick ppl

  11. Justine Renee says:

    Weirdest shit happened. You said bicycle bell and I heard a bicycle bell. Im like wtf. It happened to be on a cartoon my son was watching.

  12. tionick11 says:

    crash. burn. bodies everywhere.

  13. Pat Hochwarter says:

    Solar dryer….line and clothes pins

  14. Ryan Arrow says:

    Get a haircut ya hippy

  15. Dude 666 says:

    Do you make a living playing just slots? Is that possible? I’ve been playing a month now and doing pretty good. I would much rather play slots than bust my ass working every day

  16. Ann k says:

    Who comes up with some of these concepts? Hamster Libre? Hilarious!

  17. Kathy Botard says:

    I like that you don't waste the video by letting the cash won roll on for a zillion minutes

  18. Hector Serna says:

    Hot daddy

  19. Lisa Sunde says:


  20. Kim Soolee says:

    Wifi cool

  21. Kim Soolee says:

    That rug is giving me vertigo

  22. Kim Soolee says:

    I got a pair too

  23. Kim Soolee says:

    U pick

  24. Kim Soolee says:

    Maybe u should have wore your beads

  25. Kim Soolee says:

    Dont like mardi gras…ewwww

  26. 02fhawk says:

    I couldn't hear where this was

  27. Kim Soolee says:

    I'm crying…buypola

  28. drewwhezzy says:

    The one line method

  29. drewwhezzy says:

    I try your betting style and did pretty good. Thanks

  30. Kim Soolee says:

    It went darkkkkk

  31. Kim Soolee says:

    That was fun…ancient chinese feachaaaa

  32. Kim Soolee says:


  33. Rimjob Tranny says:

    No more dells?

  34. Kim Soolee says:

    I'm loving the long hairssss

  35. Vincent M says:

    wtf is the after party?

  36. Dank Hitman says:

    Woot Woot 2nd

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