16 thoughts on “Lighting Hyperlink Moon Race Huge HANDPAY JACKPOT OVER $13Okay ⚡️$250 Max Wager Bonus Spherical Slot Machine”
  1. MGSlots 21 says:

    Make sure you don't miss our Biggest Single Jackpot ever on Lightning Link: https://youtu.be/sVJHwLmvfLI

  2. Mary Martinez says:

    I just love your channel. Love the way you bet it is really exciting. Always wishing you a big win.

  3. Michael Salerno says:

    You guys have ballz of steel! I'm subscribed!

  4. Rick Leong says:

    Moon Race – approx
    18 spins to bonus on $1 at $250 for $13250(53x) plus
    24 spins to bonus on $1 at $25 for $66(2.6x) plus
    26 spins to bonus on $.10 at $50 for $245(4.9x) plus 12 out (finished +8502)

    Very nice session M&G! I still get chills watching $250 spins, glad you guys caught one. Bigger bets have been tough. Thanks for sharing..

  5. Rolando Farinas says:

    Nice winning

  6. none ya business says:

    I love space themed games but this one hates me. I've never done good on it.

  7. Art Pili says:

    Excellent hand pay, just like hitting the grand on the regular dragon and lightning link games. I counted and you got the hold and spin on the 18th push. Sometimes, you can go 100 spins without a hold and spin or bonus. Thanks for sharing M and G.

  8. Caitlin Lucier says:

    Awesome!! I would ☠ doing $250 bets….but I'd love to do it LOL

  9. Marvin Freeman says:

    Nice awesome win

  10. Rios Bros. Slots says:

    You go hard, Mark. Congrats!

  11. Peter Piper says:

    That was a great celebration session, a fantastic win……Thanks for posting…..

  12. Jacob Mabbott says:

    Wow that first bonus high risk high reward. Good to see it gave some back for the high risk
    And thankyou!

  13. Uncle Rudy says:

    Nice Hit !

  14. Uncle Rudy says:

    LLIZ GOA ! LOL !

  15. Boston Slots22 says:

    Game gives u 10 free spins cause 8 -10 pay 0

  16. Kok teong Gan says:

    I take my hat off for you, MR. MG. You are the bravest of all the slot titans. That US250 is really HUGE! One spin will support a family of four in Malaysia for a month. This game is prefect!!! Right on the spot, only about 10 spins, came the bonus. One way casino make you stay longer is to give you a bonus earlier. A thousand congratulations! .

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